Predators In Our Midst

Matthew Keegan

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A recurring theme has been played out on cable television stations over the past several months: predators are snatching children, abusing them sexually, and then killing them. Who could ever forget the horror of hearing about three members of an Idaho household wiped out by a stalker who then snatched the two youngest children, abused both of them, before murdering one of them? Or, who can stomach the account of a thug who entered a private home while the family was sleepng and then kidnapped, raped, and murdered a nine year old girl? Unfortunately, these cases happen all too frequently. What can be done about it? Do you know who the predators are in your neighborhood? If not, you can find out and I am going to show you how to do just that.

Changes in state laws across the country have allowed the authorities to publicize information about *** predators right online. Thanks to the Megan's Law bill signed by President Clinton in 1996 [named for a New Jersey girl who was murdered by a predator living in her neighborhood] real protection is available for children.

On the KlassKids web site at the following information is shared on what the new legislation stipulates:

On May 17, 1996, President Clinton signed Megan's Law. Megan's Law requires the following two components:

Sex Offender Registration – The 1994 Jacob Wetterling Act requires the States to register individuals convicted of sex crimes against children. Sex offender registration laws are necessary because:

* Sex offenders pose a high risk of re-offending after release from custody;

* Protecting the public from sex offenders is a primary governmental interest;

* The privacy interests of persons convicted of sex offenses are less important than the government’s interest in public safety;

* Release of certain information about sex offenders to public agencies and the general public will assist in protecting the public safety.

Community Notification – Megan’s Law allows the States discretion to establish criteria for disclosure, but compels them to make private and personal information on registered sex offenders available to the public. Community notification:

* Assists law enforcement in investigations;

* Establishes legal grounds to hold known offenders;

* Deters sex offenders from committing new offenses;

* Offers citizens information they can use to protect children from victimization.

To varying degrees states are making publicly available important information about predators living in your area. However, there are independent sites available that do the same thing including where you can enter the person's name or enter a zip code and detailed information about offenders in your area will pop up.

Some of the information available online includes:

  • The offender's name.

  • The offender's current address and previous address[es].

  • Aliases used by the offender.

  • A bodily description: height, weight, hair and eye colors, scars and marks, etc.

  • Nature, date, location of offense[s].

  • Date convicted, time served, release date, probationary information.

    You can uncover right online the information you need to find out who in your area is an offender. By working cooperatively with your neighbors and with the police, you can contain the problem before a crisis occurs.

    Please note, this particular directory does not allow a zip code search for the following states: Indiana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin. In addition, you cannot do a name search for residents of the District of Columbia and Rhode Island.

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