Don't Eat the Flu!


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Every year, there are always families that are embarrassed since all their family members come down with a serious flu bug that seems to be on “unlimited repeat” throughout the whole flu season. They really don’t know what’s wrong with them, but they complain about it all the time.

This is very true of many people, and it’s sad that they do not have the basic knowledge to prevent the flu. We often read reports that say, “Wash your hands before eating. ” However, how many really obey this fundamental rule? It’s so simple and basic, yet people forget this healthy policy for themselves and their family. Once one family member gets the flu, there is a very high possibility of spreading it to the whole family. If you don’t want to complain about the flu, you should first ask yourself, “Have I become too lazy?”.

In a public place, parents often put food into their child’s mouth to make sure the child is eating well. It’s love from the parents, but it’s also the source of flu. If that parent has not cleaned his or her hands with hot water and soap before eating, bacteria stays on the hands, and that person—or their child—eats all that bacteria. Ingesting such germs is the best way to catch the flu, just as surely as if you had opened the door for the virus and said “welcome” to the flu bug. People often enjoy delicious food in a buffet restaurant. Many lick their fingers after eating on their way to making a second trip to the buffet line. If that person has the flu, then touches those public ladles, the next person in line uses that ladle and then licks their fingers—“delicious!” But what happens? They get the flu! Isn’t that right?

No one wants to be in bed with the flu or make their family unhappy. Ask yourself: “Who decides whether I get the flu or not?” The answer is simple: You do! We must remember that we always have to protect ourselves as much as possible by any method. Moreover, we are not even for ourselves but also the whole members of our family if we keep that simple goal in mind. We have to prepare everything enough to face the flu seriously. At least, we have to ask ourselves “what's flu exactly?" to make sure that we know it well! Moreover, Is there the other option of protecting ourselves? Think about it.

Don’t eat the flu from now on!

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