4 Things You Should Never Have to Pay For


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Well today it came to my attention that there are things that I don't pay for that many of you may not. I do a lot of mailing becauase I belong to the coupon group Trading Post Coupons on Yahoo! and it always helps to have a return address just incase the package of coupon didn't there, and could be returned to me. You guessed what I was talking about, right?

Never Pay For Mailing Labels

Through many charities they offer you free mailing labels in hopes you will donate to them, and everyone needs to cut their costs somewhere. By all means, donate to them if you have the ability but sometimes people aren't always thrifty because they enjoy it, sometimes it's because you need to be. The organizations that I know of that offer free Mailing Labels are PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) , War Amps, and SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They don't directly say they will send you labels, except for War Amps, but once you get on their mailing list they will send them too you. This year alone I must have received 4 packages of labels from PETA, 2 from War Amps (Ones were stickers, the others were Lick-N’ Stick for Christmas). My mother found the one for the SPCA, and man are they cute, nice little doggies and kitties abound on these ones.

* Go to Peta request a Vegetarian Starter Kit or any other of their free brochures and stickers and you will get labels.

* Go to War Amps and request mailing labels and they will be sent to you within about 2 weeks.

* As for the SPCA one contact them via any online contact form for your specific province and request them, that is what my mother did, they are worth the effort.

Wow that was great, I never have to buy labels again.

Never Pay For Condoms

Well there is something you may really like next, especially if your the frisky type. You can get FREE CONDOMS, yep. . . almost all *** health clinics have bowls of these in their waiting area, or near the secretarys desk. Seek out your most available *** health clinic and have a ball, they happen to have colored and flavored ones too on occasion. If your frisky quite often it is definatly a bargain, and it keeps you safe as well. If they ask why you are there, just say you are browsing, or look interested in something. In fact they sometimes encourage you to grab some, yeah they like making you happy. This has been true for both places I've been too in Kitchener and in Toronto, in Ontario. I usually grab 4-6 of them at a time, have fun.

Never Pay For Medications

While visiting my doctor recently, I went to see him about a Skin Condition I have and he asked me if I have a medical plan to pay for my medications, I told him no. So he went out of the room and came back with a couple of full-size samples of the medication I needed. So yes, you can get free medications depending on if the doctor has them, this usually works for topical medications such as creams and salves, also on occasion for more popular diseases such as diabetes and arthritis they will have samples as well. Even if your doctor doesn't offer you a free sample, tell him you can't afford the medication, and more often then not they will supply you with a good amount of free meds. My doctor actually told me to come back when I needed more. Doctor's also have a supply of contraceptives for the amount of 1 month of a time available as a trial to the patient, be sure to ask for those as well if needed. This does especially work well if you are seeing a doctor in a hospital as they always have more.

Never Pay For Calendars

Free calendars abound everywhere - Every year we need one thing, something to show us the next upcoming year. As the year ends offers are everywhere to get yourself free Calendars. In Ontario, you can rely on the Milk Calendar in your Star Newspaper and almost every grocery store or pharmacy has a free calendar for which you can pick up at the counter. Another great part to this Is that most calendars, because they are sponsor supported have coupons in it, to save you even more money. As a promo with Telus my cellphone service provider, they offer a yearly calendar perk for being a subscriber, all you have to do is respond to the offer and they will send it too you.

There is simply no excuse for buying a calendar unless you are hopelessly addicted to the the super-decorated home, where the calendar just won't match. But I'll forgive you, this time!! The best places I find to get these calendars are Sobeys, Dominion or A&P. October through November of the current year is the only time you'll find them.

Lisa Hallman is a frugalite and a person who simply get's a rush from saving. You can find me frequently posting on my board at http://forums.thriftycanadian.com or trading coupons on Yahoo! Groups Trading Post Coupons. I'm a freelance webmaster and graphic designer.


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