Why People Attend High School Reunions


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High school is an experience that depends entirely on your place in the social realm of your class. For some, it is the best time of their life, and for others it is the worst. More often then not, what follows in college and in the real world is diametrically opposed to what happened in high school.

That is why after several years go by, there is some interest by all classmates to attend their high school reunion. The cool kids want to re-live their youth and visit the grounds where they felt on top of the world, and the nerds want to show everyone how far they have come.

There are other things that come into play as well. As time passes, classmates put on weight, and lose their hair. The real question is how much hair and how much weight. This is the number one thing that brings people together for class reunions - curiosity. Beyond that, there is the desire to rekindle the relationships that were so important in our teen years. We will never forget our high school friendships or the experiences that were critical in molding who we are today.

In a class reunion survey done by http://Myevent.com 87% of classmates that attended their class reunion found the reunion to be extremely gratifying, and said they would attend the next class reunion as well. So, whether out of curiosity, to show off, or for re-establishing old ties, class reunions seem to be more popular than ever. It is indeed noteworthy that reunions have become a fabric of our society. In the last year, many old television shows have had reunion episodes and a whole series was devoted to a high school reunion.

So, if you should get an invitation to your high school reunion, do not pass on the chance to go back in time and re-visit old friends and foes. You may be able to reconnect with some of your best friends you have ever had and establish new relationships with people you didn’t even know existed.

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