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Dinner With My Parents

Steven Fu

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Over the last few weeks, my schedule had been madly hectic. I had my plate full with the extremes of the trading market, my personal coaching sessions and also the workshops for my training programs.

Yesterday, I received a call from my mother who sounded very down. I asked her what happened and she said that I had not visited her and my father for more than two weeks. I was shocked. My wife and I would normally visit them, at least, once a week; they live just 20 kilometers away from where we live. I was so engrossed with my work that I did not realize two weeks had passed. Although my wife kept reminding me, it was I who kept delaying.

I am aware that it is an unacceptable excuse, but that is the truth. I quickly apologized to my mother and promised to take them out for dinner the next day. I had a wonderful time listening to my parents talking about the happenings in their life over the last two weeks, and I too related to them what was happening to me.

After spending some quality time with my parents, I sent them home. As I was driving back, my thoughts went back to their past. My father went through a lot of difficulties (poverty) when he was young. He was alone in Malaysia as his father had passed on when he was young and his mother lived in a remote village in India. He started work at an early age. All alone, he first started doing odd jobs, saved money and educated himself by attending classes in the evening. There were times where he did not have a place to stay and had to resort to sleeping on pavements, or at bus stops. He went through some truly difficult time.

He studied hard, excelled in his exams and managed to get a job as a government employee. Over the years, he rose through the rank and file and became a division two officer until he retired. Quite a respectable accomplishment I would say.

My mother is a simple person who does not like complicated stuff and loves to look at the bright side of life. She is from a big family with seven brothers and sisters. She joined the government service under the Works Ministry after completing school and worked all her life there until she retired. My mother was a pillar of strength to my father during the early days when they got married. She stood by him all the way even though they faced great difficulties due to opposition from relatives and friends who were not happy over their relationship.

They prevailed through many difficult times like these (including financial difficulties) and managed to live an exemplary life. Eventually, they both became the pillar of strength for the entire family of friends and relatives. Often these people dropped by to ask both my parents for advice and guidance. My parents helped them as much as they could; including people who wronged them in the past! I suppose that is one of their authentic traits that I truly admire!

Over the years, my parents and I had our fair share of wonderful moments as well as great disagreements over a number of issues. They were not happy when I left school to pursue the path to discover myself and also to work on my software development business. However, somehow I managed to get their blessing and support when I compromised and attended a Diploma course on a part time basis.

At that time, I felt I was wasting my time studying; but, now I realize that they wanted me to do so as a safety net in case something went wrong with my ventures. They never doubted my talents and ability. I never realized their wisdom then, but I do now as I mature through the knowledge and experience taught by Nature.

There was also another case of serious disagreement that I had with them. They were not happy with my choice of partner in life; that is my wife. As I had a number of relationships that did not workout and ended just as friendships prior to meeting her, they were worried that I was making a big mistake. But I put my foot down and said that I had decided. Things got a little out of hand and I actually left home.

That is the truth. I am not proud of it but that is the truth! In no way my wife had any influence in my decision making at that time. I was doing quite well in life and was pretty confident with myself. Looking back, I realize now that I must have hurt them greatly when I left. I have tears in my eyes as I write this now.

Although I left, I made effort to visit them as often as I could to ensure that they were fine. You see, as much as they loved me, I loved them even more. It is just that I felt deep in my spiritual heart that this is the path to take, and if you have been reading my articles continuously, you will understand that I always listen to my spiritual heart!

I faced great difficulties for the next few years including losing (monetary wise) all that I had built over the years. I had to start again from scratch. My wife stood by me all the way through the good and bad times. Nature taught me some of the greatest lessons of life; I met and learned from my two great spiritual masters, truly experienced Nature's Laws at work; met my present business partner who is truly a person full of wonder, and accomplished great many things including building back my fortune.

The greatest thing that I became aware of throughout my journey is that Nature is always guiding me through my spiritual heart. All I had to do was to have FAITH in it. It threw problems at me and later the solution as well. It took me through a great roller coaster ride that taught me how it felt like not having any money, to be looked down upon, to be laughed at, mental agony and then slowly lifted me to great heights of having truthful friends, great respect, unconditional love, material wealth and the greatest experience of them all…. .becoming aware of my true self! Nature was teaching me what I was actually seeking, that is simply to know myself!

I became aware that the problem that I had with my parents and everything else were part of the great journey I was taking, the journey of becoming aware of my true self! As such, I had faith in Nature that it would eventually solve the disagreement I had with my parents many years ago.

And true enough, after eight long years, they became aware that my wife was truly a wonderful person and accepted her for who she is. I suppose they realized that if she was willing to stand by me during my most difficult times, then I did make a wise decision after all! I suppose the Law of Energy Returns Back to Source has also come to a full circle, now. I do not know whether they realize it. The great law made sure that they too feel the hurt they caused in the hearts of those around them earlier, when they went ahead and got married despite the objections. (At times I do wonder, when would it be my turn, since I too did the same. I hope with awareness I would be able to handle whatever Nature “throws" at me to neutralize what I did!)

Now, over the last few years, my parents have grown quite fond of my wife and they have become great friends. Looking back, I also became aware that our loved ones ONLY want the best for us. Although their actions may look contradictory, but they are doing what they feel is best for us.

As I reached home, my mind went back to the events that took place with my parents when I was much younger. I remember when I was about six or seven years old; I was always looking forward for Sundays, as my father would bring me to the local swimming pool at Weld Road, Kuala Lumpur. I loved the water and I would swim for hours. My father would quietly watch my antics and smile. I also remember the times when we played chess; he would teach me the basics of the game, and where I went wrong whenever I lost to him (there were plenty of those!). When I was fourteen and was already doing my business (writing customized software) on a part time basis, we used to go for our ‘teh tarik’ sessions (drinking tea) almost every day at our local ‘teh tarik’ stall and talk about how to further enhance the business and at the same time balance it well with my studies.

My mother was a good badminton player and was active in sports. I used to play badminton with her during the evenings when she returned home from work. I also remember the time when she told me stories of great personalities of the past who lived life with full of truthfulness. The stories truly inspired me.

As I went to bed later at night, I had a smile on my face as I cherish these sweet memories, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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