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Have the 40 weeks of week by week pregnancy begun? Am I pregnant? Is it time for paternity testing? If this is what you are thinking than taking a pregnancy test is on the cards. The extensive medical test sure can be referred to, yet as a prelim confirmation, an early pregnancy test also referred to as pregnancy test at home can also be considered. It helps give a basic indication as to whether the early pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing are true or misguiding, especially if you have skipped a period.

The Technicality behind a Home Pregnancy Test

Any kind of pregnancy test is conducted with the objective of checking the presence of hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone), which starts getting produced in a pregnant woman’s body during the initial stages of week by week pregnancy. Also known as pregnancy hormone, this can be checked by way of a urine test, which can be conducted at home or by a blood test, which is facilitated by a health care practitioner.

Can An EPT Pregnancy Test Be Relied Upon?

As evident, the accuracy of the home pregnancy test undertaken also depends heavily upon the presence of this hCG hormone. It starts getting made when the fertilized egg is implanted, usually after 6/7 days of conception. However, in a few cases, there is a probability that the same cannot be detected till at least 15 days. Therefore, an early pregnancy test might not be an accurate and precise indicator of the confirmed pregnancy. The accuracy indicator improves with time and is close to 100%, if you’ve skipped a period.

Another important accuracy parameter relates to the usage of home pregnancy test kit. The kit manufacturing company is not to be blamed, if you are not very careful about the usage directions. A basic home early pregnancy test kit usually requires urine collection in a container & then dipping a checking instrument in it. After few minutes, as instructed on the pregnancy test kit packet, inspection of the dipped instrument would give pregnancy indications.

Another factor that could interfere with the easy testing procedure is usage of medication. This could give misleading positive interpretations, even when there is actually no pregnancy.

And last but not the least, like any other medical instrument or drug, do check the pregnancy test kit’s expiry date. Only a valid kit can generate substantial results.

An Early Indicator

Despite the above-mentioned probabilities, a home pregnancy test is the best indicator that can help prepare for the 40 weeks of week-by-week pregnancy that wait ahead. It could be inaccurate at times, but the latest variants introduced in market are quite sensitive and hence reflect the true status of whether you are pregnant or not. A visit to the doctor should put to rest all speculation.

Pregnancy begins a few weeks before you start tracking your Pregnancy week by week. A confirmatory pregnancy test such as an online pregnancy test , home pregnancy test, or an ept pregnancy test also known as the early pregnancy test marks the formal announcement of the fact that you are all set for the much-awaited journey towards motherhood. Pregnancy Week By Week provides more information about pregnancy testing; pregnancy related issues and even complicated and sensitive issues such as paternity testing.


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