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Aperture Cards - Send Something A Little Different


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Although every hand made card has its own style and unique qualities sometimes it is nice to try something new and a little different.

When making my own handmade cards I tend to use decoupage because I can sit and watch TV one night and do all the cutting out and piecing the decoupage together then the next night I can make the cards up.

I recently started to have a look at aperture cards and found that they can be extremely versatile and you can really come up with some interesting and varied ideas.

An aperture card is a card that has a template cut out of it. These designs can be as simple or as complex as you like.

You can create your own aperture cards by cutting the aperture yourself however if you are new to card making I would start off by purchasing some ready made aperture cards and have a few practice runs to see what you can come up with.

One of the most effective ways of making an aperture card interact is by turning it into a shaker card.

Step 1 - turn the aperture card over so you are looking at the back of the card. Place double sided tape around the template or simply cover all sides of the card. You will then need to place acetate over the back of the card securing it with the tape you have just attached.

Step 2 - carefully place 3d foam all around the aperture, take care not to leave any gaps or the contents will fall out.

Step 3 - removed the backs of the foam pads, although you may think this is looking messy and unattractive don’t worry this will all be hidden. Gently pour glitter, confetti or very small beads into the cavity you have just created.

BIG TIP - you will not need to add many beads or glitter, remember you need enough space for them to move around giving the ‘shaker’ effect. This is something you will be able to judge better once you have created a few aperture cards.

Step 4 - fold over the extra piece of card making sure that it is the correct side so the card opens the right way, a beginner may find marking this side with an x before you begin helpful

Step 5 - turn the card over and admire what you have created. You can decorate the front of your card as normal.

When I first started to make aperture cards I would look at the card and think what can I do with this but after a while you will get ideas and come up with some wonderful new ways to make exciting cards.

Once you have mastered it you can then have a go at designing your own aperture cards.

Vicki Churchill writes for a site that specializes in Card Making Ideas providing you with excellent tips and ideas for Scrap Booking and Aperture Cards including where to find the best bargains.


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