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Plants have always been a favorite gift for both givers and receivers. In fact, there are probably few people out there who can say that they've never given or received a plant as a gift. And the truth is, there is something special about bringing that touch of green into someone's life.

What's even better than a store-bought plant for a gift is one you've grown yourself, and it's not as hard as you might think. So why not consider growing your own gifts?

Seed-starting is probably the most obvious way of growing plants. Particularly in springtime, seeds are available everywhere. From supermarkets to garden supply stores, the variety of seeds out there is amazing. You can buy seeds for everything from catnip to cacti.

Truly, the sky is the limit. You can choose to grow outdoor plants or indoor plants, vegetables or flowers, vines or bonsai trees. Each seed packet comes with growing instructions. If you're growing plants for gifts, it's preferable to find seeds that can be sown indoors or in containers.

You won't need much room. You can purchase seed-starting kits that are all-inclusive. They come with tray, cover, and growing medium, along with directions for successful seed germination. For beginners, or those who don't have a green thumb, these are the best way to go.

But seeds aren't the only way to go. Cuttings are another great way to give the gift of green. Cuttings from many popular houseplants such as pothos and philodendrons can be rooted in a cup of water. Once the roots grow, transplant the cuttings into soil in a pretty flowerpot. For a fuller look, root and plant more than one cutting at a time. Not only do they make a great gift, but it's special because it's a part of something you already love.

A third way to give the gift of green is with plant babies. Yes, that's right. Some plants such as spider plants, sprout shoots, and from those shoots grow young plants. These plants can usually be rooted in a cup of water, and planted, starting a new generation. They make a wonderful gift.

Of course, each species is different so be sure to consult a reference book or make a quick search of the internet for specific directions.

Be sure to plant your gift of green in a pretty flowerpot or other decorative container. Be creative. Go ahead and plant in that old teakettle or a pretty coffee mug.

A gift that's sure to please is one that comes from your heart, and a gift that you've grown yourself is certainly a heartfelt gift. So go ahead and grow your own great gifts.

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