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Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Which 8 Signs Mean You're Really Pregnant?


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What are the clearest early pregnancy symptoms? Maybe it’s been a long road to conception and you want to know now! Perhaps you’re not ready and feeling worried you are pregnant? Your body will give you many early signs of pregnancy. This article explores the 7 most common symptoms so you can read your body more easily.

1) Breast tenderness
This is often one of the most instantaneous indications you’re pregnant. Although similar to pre-menstrual soreness, many women find their breasts feeling heavier and more painful than usual. My rather large mammaries felt like weighty tender melons within a week of conception. Plus they felt uncomfortable when hugging someone within two weeks of conception. My nipples gradually darkened too.

2) High temperature readings
If you have been charting your temperature to determine the day of ovulation, this is a simple way to know if you’re pregnant. If your temperature stays up for longer than 15 days after ovulation, you may well be pregnant. When I finally got pregnant, my temperature did a beautiful rise after ovulation and stayed up – text book perfect!

3) Positive pregnancy test
Most pregnancy tests may show a positive result on the first day of the missed period, but may show up faintly as early as four days before that. I’ve done more pregnancy tests than I can count, and it’s hard to be patient! This time I couldn’t quite wait until my period was due, so took a test a couple of days before that. Initially there was only one ‘not pregnant’ line, so I thought it was negative again. I left it and came back in a while, only to find a faint positive result. In my case this was whooooppeeeee!

4) Morning Sickness
Although not usually an extra early pregnancy symptom, some women start to feel ‘queasy’ as early as 2 weeks after conception. I think morning sickness should be renamed more appropriately ‘all-day sickness’, because each woman may experience different timing and intensity. It’s been worst for me in the afternoons.

5) Food aversions and cravings
These are common early signs of pregnancy, often kicking in at a similar time to the nausea. Just thinking about eating certain foods can make your stomach turn, while another current favourite may be all you can think of. I regressed to childhood comfort foods; mashed potatoes and simple flavours.

6) Exhaustion
Within the first few weeks you may feel like getting through an ordinary day is like completing a triathlon. Being rested may help reduce nausea. I like to have a power nap after lunch, and find I’m better equipped to cope with the rest of the day.

7) Emotional rollercoaster rides
Sometimes no matter how well you’ve slept, how happy you are to be pregnant, how beautiful the weather is, your hormones play havoc with your mood. In the first trimester these emotional ‘crises’ can feel much more intense than normal ups and downs. I find myself crying about nothing I can explain, feeling vulnerable and insecure when usually I’ve got it all organized. Some women get grumpy and irritable. Being pregnant can feel confusing!

8) Just knowing
A common very early pregnancy symptom, (not very scientific this one), is just knowing that you are pregnant. Some mums-to-be even say they knew at conception that it was an extra special moment.

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