The Teething Child

Terrie Cogswell

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Are you driving yourself crazy trying to figure out how to make your little one more comfortable while teething? Over the years of raising my own children and tending to a good amount of others, I have learned and come across a few ways to get you both through this troubling time a little easier.

First things first. A good lot of folks will always jump to the first thought and idea that comes to mind. Orajel. Yes- Orajel is pretty good, but if you choose to use it, make sure it's baby orajel, and use it in moderation. Orajel does contain a pain reliever and a percentage of alcohol, and when over used, can have minor drug effects on the child.

I have always tried a number of other solutions before resorting to orajel or any other drugs. Entertainment in most cases can work wonders. Play some hands on activities with the child. For instance- play some stretching and touching games with fingers and toes. This usually works super great if you know some nursery rhymes, children's songs, and or happen to have a cassette or CD of children's songs.

Example 1: Sing the song “This Old man" and go through the motions to the song with your child. The music is soothing and entertaining, plus it's hands on activity which could also be rated as a learning game for the child.

Example 2: Floor type entertainment centers for the child. I purchased one that is short but stands on its own. The child can lie in front of it, or even under it. It played musical songs, with lights that blink on and off to the music, plus it had hanging features such as little animals, rings, colored objects, and so forth.

Another approach you can take before trying medication is this- If by chance you have a baby swing, that's great, but if not a simple baby seater will do. Place the swing or seater and child in front of the TV. (Not too close) Put on some entertaining children's videos, be it animal, tropical fish, or something with a learning nature. Next, place a good-sized bib onto the child and for some added protection, maybe a cloth diaper or blanket. Saturate a clean washcloth with cold water, ringing it out only half way. Give the washcloth to the child to chew on for a while. It's cool in their mouth and soft to chew on. Another added idea is keeping a few non-toxic water teething rings in the freezer. These can also be placed within the washcloth, if it's too cold for the child to handle.

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