Dealing With Pet Accidents on Your Floor


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If you have a pet, they are inevitably going to have an accident on your floor. This means you need to know how to clean it or you will be stuck with the eternal stink.

Whatever the case, pet urine odors after the urine is absorbed can be tricky. Depending on what kind of flooring you have, and how long the urine was allowed to soak into your layers of sub-floor, the smell will be your biggest battle. You may think you have it gone and then one day it creeps back out again. This is a definite smell that cannot just be masked with an air freshener or carpet freshening powders.

A natural enzyme product may be purchased at your local pet store or online from many different places. It usually comes in a spray bottle for ease of application. You must saturate all areas where your pet has urinated completely. There is normally a set amount of time to leave it soaking. Just be sure to follow the directions on the bottle for maximum results. If you leave a spot untreated, it is likely that your pet will still smell it and urinate there again, causing you to start the process all over again.

Many carpet deodorizers claim that they can handle urine smells, but they only mask the smell for a short period of time. The smell is not completely removed only replaced with another scent from the product. This is a foolish way to spend money when trying to get rid of the smell. Go ahead and spend the money for the enzyme neutralizer to keep the problem from happening over and over again.

Knowing how to remove pet urine and the smells associated with it will help keep your whole house fresh smelling. Even after being gone for a while, when you enter your home, you will smell nothing of the urine. There will be no evidence of a pet urine smell if you get rid of it completely.

Find a good product that is easy for you to use and keep it on hand incase accidents occur unexpectedly. You wouldn’t want to be having a dinner party when your cat decides to make a fuss and not have the proper supplies needed to cleanse and freshen it.

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