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Great Looking Lawns For All Types Of Grass


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Have A Great Looking Lawn

With the right maintenance routine you too can have a lawn to be proud of. It’s not actually that difficult to get your grass as green and luscious as the one you can see at golf courses: you can definitely achieve a great result by following the few tips and tricks thereafter.

How To Care For Your Turf

It’s actually really easy to get a beautiful, green and healthy looking lawn: all you need is to follow the rule of third and the rule of 25 mm. Here is how these work.

The 25mm Rule, Or How To Water Your Lawn

The theory is that you should give the lawn enough water to cover what it needs and what is evaporating. The rule of 25 is an easy way to figure this out. Next time you water your lawn, place a bowl in the area you watering and allow it to fill up to about 25mm, or one inch. Keep an eye on it and when all the water is gone, it is time to water your lawn again: you only really need to do this once to find out what is the ideal watering frequency for your garden, unless you experience abnormal drought conditions. Make sure you water in the morning to avoid the mid-day heat: this will give the water plenty of time to get where it is needed.

You cannot over water your lawn and it is always best to water more, less often: this promotes healthy root growth. Combined with a regular feed rich in nitrogen this will give you the luscious green and light to the foot lawn that you dream of. You may want to check that the area has good drainage though, as a water-logged patch could kill the grass.

The Rule Of Third, Or How To Mow Your Lawn

To keep your grass looking its best you need to keep it healthy. The best way to encourage this is by making sure you do not cut out too much each time you mow. Military short is not a good look for lawns, and can promote diseases to boot. You should ideally aim to cut off about one third of the height of the blades – hence the name of the rule.

If you go too short you also risk preventing the good development of the roots and you grass will grow slower as a result. The exact amount to cut may vary slightly from type to type, and how long the blades are: you should check how much to allow the grass in your yard to grow by, and then cut a third off for best results. Most mowers collect grass cuttings as they go along but it can be beneficial to leave them on the turf as a natural fertilizer. If you decide to give this a try just be careful not to over cover the growing grass with too much: this is known as thatching and can restrict the growth rather than promote it.

These two very simple rules can really get you on your way to a stunning, healthy looking lawn.

Andrew Caxton is a consultant who writes on many consumer topics like lawn care for Find more publications about type of grass at his website.

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