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Three Types Of Grass For The South


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Looking At 3 Types Of Grass That Thrive In The South

It is important to select a variety of grass that is suited to both the local conditions of your plot and the weather in the region where you live. If you consider these factors when picking the grass for your backyard you should wound up with a good looking lawn that does well and looks its best. Bermuda Grass, Centipede and Zoysia are three types known to flourish particularly well in the South so you may want to consider these for your plot if you live in this region.

1. Bermuda Grass

This is a type of grass can be invasive, and will take over your plot if not kept under control. It needs relatively little specialist care but needs warmth and good direct sunlight to thrive. If this is the case on your plot then this variety could work well for you: it is resilient, sturdy and grows fast in the right conditions. It’s also relatively inexpensive.

2. Centipede

This type of grass usually thrives in areas where the soil is slightly acidic. It’s ideal pH range is 4.5 – 5.5 – if this is the case in your backyard then this may be the grass for you. It requires very little specialist care but doesn’t do traffic with heavy foot traffic. It can deal with some shade but will fare better in a sunny spot. Though it can do well in many areas where other types have struggled, it will not grow very fast and may require a yearly low nitrogen spring feed. The best feed ratio to go for is about 15-0-15, with the key factor being that it cannot withstand phosphorus.

3. Zoysia

Out of the 3 grasses that do best in the South, Zoysia is the one with the greater cold tolerance and easiest pH level. Providing your soil has a balanced pH around 6 to 7, Zoysia will reward you with a dense, dark green spread. It grows slowly if started from seed but should be available to purchase in rolls of sod. The main variety thrives best with direct sunlight but some sub-types, like the Emerald, can do well in shady areas. Though Zoysia can sustain short periods without water you need to keep an eye on the watering if the dry spell lasts over a week. It also needs twice-yearly feeds, in the spring and fall. Zoysia is a very attractive grass if you have enough time and energy to give it the tender, loving care it needs to do well.

These are but three varieties that are known to do well in the South but there are many more available: your local garden store should be able to advise you on a type well suited to the region. They also stock mixes that have been specially developed by grass seeds companies to thrive in special conditions: this may be your best option if you can’t spend a lot of time researching types of grass.

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