Some Simple School Party Suggestions

Gail Leino

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Look for decorations that are easy to put up stay up and that can be thrown away all during the same day. If you like you can have the kid’s help you put up decorations and bring in treats for the party to make them feel more involved in having a good time. Decorations like wall hangings for some of the minor holidays like president’s day make a really good way to decorate the classroom for the holiday season. Plus these wall hangings are decorations that you can leave up a little while.

If you are having a party for a different reason then you should go with a fun party theme that the kids are likely to get into. Such a party theme could be Sponge bob Square pants. For this theme get lots of yellow streamers, and balloons, and don’t forget the Sponge bob themed paper supplies like table clothes, napkins and paper plates.

Choose some fun and easy games for the kids to play during the school party. You can find lots of outdoor games like Bowling on the Green or instructions for building a pyramid. You can also just get a game of soccer together or better yet, Crab Football, which is a game that the kids can really have fun playing. You’ll probably find that the kids persist in walking like crabs even after the game has ended.

However you can get the kids out of the game playing mode by offering up some great food items. Pizza is a school party all time favorite and it’s easy to order. A potluck is also a good idea, so ask the kids to have their parents help them prepare something nice for everyone to eat at the school party. You can even put up a sign up sheet so the kids can let everyone know what they’ll be bringing.

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