Hawaiian Party Games to Keep Anyone Interested

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Hawaiian party games don’t necessarily require a luau to be played, just some warm weather and plenty of friends.

Aloha Name Ripple:

You can use these Hawaiian party games to help the guests get to know each other at the Hawaiian event. Plus its very easy so you don’t have to explain a lot of rules. Basically the game involves saying someone’s name, along with ‘Aloha’ while making a dance motion. Put everyone in a circle an arm’s length apart.

You can start the Hawaiian party games by saying a guest’s name at random along with ‘Aloha’ and performing a Hula dance motion. For example, you can yell ‘Aloha, Ralph’ and swing your arms forward and up above your head slowly in a Hula motion. The game works well with some Hawaiian party music playing in the background.

The person to your left will repeat this motion with Ralph’s name and the next person and the next until it gets to Ralph. Ralph will pick someone else’s name and perform a different Hula motion and the new motion will be repeated until the ‘Aloha Name Ripple’ gets to the next person named. Keep up the game until everyone at the Hawaiian party games is named.

Hawaiian Knots:

One very close and probably one of the more interesting Hawaiian party games, Hawaiian Knots makes a fun puzzle game. Get all of the players to stand in a circle with hands placed in the center of the group. These Hawaiian party games can only be used for ten people at the most because the circle gets too big for everyone to hold hands eventually. Have the players close their eyes and hold hands with one of the many other hands in the circle. They have to keep eyes closed as they are doing this. Plus don’t let them try to get away with holding hands with someone next to them or even trying to hold their own hands

All the guests can open their eyes and try to undo the Hawaiian party games knot that’s been created by moving around to get back into a circle with everyone holding hands. Keep it fun and don’t stress out if you can’t undo the knot.

With these two Hawaiian party games you’ll have an easy time keeping the guests interested and entertained at your next tropical outdoor event. They will help to add an extra dimension to the party.

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