Upgrading Home Window Security


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Keeping the bad guys or any other intruder out is not as simple as installing an expensive secure door. Windows offer the burglar a terrific alternative for access to your home. Window security enhancements are every bit as important to your home and family security as any doorway.

Intruders like windows for several reasons. First, because they are made out of glass, they can easily be broken. Obviously, this gives a burglar free roam of your house. Also, older windows are quite easy to jimmy open, or otherwise defeat the simple latch style locks typical in older windows.

Another contributing factor for burglars joy of windows is the privacy offered. Many homes have windows that are somewhat obscured by bushes or shrubs. Under the cover of a good solid shrub, an intruder has plenty of time to practice her craft.

The security of your homes windows can easily be made more robust with just a few simple tips:

Security bars - one of the ugliest and most destructive things you can do to your home, neighbors, and neighborhood, they absolutely will discourage burglars from trying to enter your home. They also add fuel to the proverbial fire by reducing property values and discouraging otherwise good upstanding neighbors from moving into your neighborhood. Then again, there's the little problem of preventing people from exiting in an emergency situation too.

Laminates and films - these materials are applied to the glass and serve to improve the overall strength of the glass and eliminate shattering shards of glass in the event of accidental breakage. These types of films are available from many locations, they can serve multiple purposes such as filtering light in the summer, and they can be cut to fit any sized window you might have.

These protective films are not only a great deterrent for burglars, but they also provide a completely unobstructed view of the great outdoors. Even films that offer UV protection cause only negligible reduction in light entering your home. If you are having new windows installed, these film options are readily available from most manufacturers.

Which brings us to the subject of locks. Aftermarket locks are available to fit any window type or design available. They are generally very affordable, do not effect your view and greatly improve the security of your homes windows.

Lets face it, you home is only as secure as the easiest entry point for an intruder. Even in the most minor of intrusion incidents your family is put at risk. For only a few dollars, you can prevent regrets before they happen.

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