Roses - 5 Tips to Give Your Roses a Springtime Boost


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A Recipe for Roses

People begin to plant or replenish their rose gardens in the spring. For those bushes that are already established, spring is the time to see new buds and blooms trying to be born. Give your rose garden a springtime boost by trying this special tonic containing all of the nutrients your roses need in order for them to grow strong, healthy and produce a lot of buds.

1. Apply the tonic in the early spring, after you have removed any of the necessary winter protection that you put up.

Here is a list of the ingredients that you will need to make this mixture. You should mix them in a 5 gallon tub or bucket:

  • 2 cups of alfalfa meal
  • 2 cups of Epsom salt
  • 2 cups of fish meal
  • 2 cups of gypsum
  • 2 cups of greensand
  • 1 cup of bone meal

2. Pull back the mulch that has been placed around your rose bush.

3. Work one cup of this tonic into the top inch of soil if you have a smaller rose bush.

4. Use a trowel or a hand cultivator for larger rose bushes (this is best for rose bushes that are 6 feet or taller). Larger rose bushes will require three or four cups of tonic.

5. Replace the mulch and water your roses well.


  • Do this again in the middle of June to keep your roses blooming. Scratch 2 cups of the mixture into the soil.
  • Wear a dust mask while you are mixing your ingredients for the tonic.

Enjoy your rose garden!

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