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Each room in your home needs some type of moulding installed to create a finished appearance. There are a wide variety of mouldings available to invigorate a room with a sense of luxury or leave you with an inviting sense of contentment. To obtain the desired effect a quick study in the types of moulding available is required, as well as ways to ensure the correct moulding is selected for your particular project. The three basic types of mouldings include base moulding, chair rail and crown moulding.

Base moulding is installed along the lower portion or base of a wall and serves as a decorative transition from the floor material and the wall itself. Available in several widths, some preplanning is needed when choosing base moulding. Selecting moulding along the floor that is too wide will draw the eye downward and create an uneven feel, too narrow and base moulding will be overwhelmed by other decorative accents and mouldings in the room.

Chair rail moulding derives its name from the practical way it protects the wall it is attached to from collisions with rogue dining chairs. Not only reserved for use in the dining room, a chair rail can also serve as a cap for wainscoting or create a visual barrier for contrasting wall coverings.

Crown moulding exists at the junction between wall and ceiling, and typically serves a purely decorative purpose. It is possible and highly desirable to layer mouldings one on top of the other at the ceiling level to create a uniquely finished effect, just be careful not to overdo it. Architectural moulding has a particularly robust profile and is designed to resemble the built-up appearance of stacked moulding, without the hassle of a complicated installation. This type of moulding is ideal for ceiling installation due to its lightweight and solid, stable construction.

Moulding is constructed out of several types of material that will need to be considered before making your final selections. Decorative hardwood moulding is an ornate, intricately patterned option that is sure to enhance any room. The fine detailing and varied finishes places this moulding at the top of the list in terms of quality and value. Architectural moulding is made of durable polyurethane that behaves just like wood minus the warping, rotting or splitting, and tends to be the moulding of choice for the do-it-yourselfer.

In order to determine what style is best for the room in which you intend to install moulding, be prepared for a level of trial and error. Browse through your favorite home and architectural magazines for examples of moulding used in a way you admire. Use these pictures as your shopping guide. Obtain samples of the moulding profiles that appeal to you and experiment until to reach the desired balance. Casing, or moulding that surrounds doors and windows can be installed to compliment the selected base, crown or chair rail moulding as well. is the leading provider of molding on the internet. Using the finest materials to craft superior products, is undoubtedly matchless in customization, variety, and quality. To find out more, please visit .


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