Install Track Lights In Your Home


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If your child creates beautiful artwork and you want to highlight it in your home then you need to get the right lighting effect.

You should go with track lights if you want to get a great look in your home. When you choose track lighting you can get a room with a great mood and feel. You can also choose between tons of styles and effect for your lights.

If you think that wiring would be too hard for you then try a track lighting kit that just plugs right in your wall. They are so simple to use that you will have no trouble at all. These are not as clean and professional looking as those that are mounted in the ceiling, but you can’t beat them for ease of installation.

If you want a more challenging installation of your mounting lights with a really great finished look then make sure you have the following materials and follow these simple steps:

-Drill / screwdriver

-Electrical cable and tape

-Ladder or stepstool

-Long-nose pliers

-Neon tester / voltage meter

-Tape measure

-Toggle bolts

-Track light kit

-Wire nuts

1. Make sure the power is shut down in your house. Make sure the power is off to the right junction box through the service area. Test to see if the circuit is dead with a voltage meter. Once you know it is securely turned off then you can take off the current fixture and remove the wires, keep the exposed bits away from each other.

2. Put the live bit into the track and tighten the setscrew. Put the end on mounting bracket. Use the pigtail leads to complete the wiring process. These pigtail leads is what the small wires that connect to the terminal are called. Wire nuts can be used to put the pigtail leads with the wiring. Put the black one onto the brass screw and the white one with the silver screw. The bare one should go to the green screw.

3. Decide on where to put the track. You can decide by seeing where the junction box is and where you want the light to hit. You can also buy Ts or angles but make sure the fittings you need are available by the company that has made your track lights. Mark the holes to note the spot. Make sure they are parallel to your wall by measuring correctly. Put them away from anything that could cause a fire. On the noted spots then put the drill holes.

4. Put the track up. Make sure the wires in the junction box and then snap it in place. Put the screws in place and then put the track up to the ceiling.

5. Put any extra sections of track lighting up and also put the end of the track in place. Put the electric adapter into your tract and screw it in place.

6. Put in the bulbs and you are almost ready to go. Make sure the wiring is all connected and the put the plate over the box and tighten everything.

Just turn on your power and aim your light anywhere in the room you want it! You’ll have beautiful lighting in your home!

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