Portable Air Compressors Are Handy


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The most often used air compressors are portable rotary screw compressors. You can put the pressure settings from 100-350 PSI. You can find them ranging 65-1600 cubic feet per minute. What you need depends on the tools you will be using. A pro will usually use something with 185 CFM, which can get the job done while powering more than one tool at a time.

You can mount a truck compressor in the bed or underneath the hood of your truck. This is great to save some space and they use your truck’s engine for power, so they are easy to maintain. You must have your truck running to power the compressor, which can be a deterrent.

You can get a compressor that is mounted in your truck bed called a deck mounted compressor. Since these have their own engines then won’t need you to power your truck for them to work. They need engine maintenance and fuel as well since they aren’t powered by your truck.

Other compressors run off electricity, while others use gas. In both kinds the air is in the holding tank and the tools are attached by a hose. There are gauges on the compressor that will show the pressure, which is valve regulated.

You can look at a Quincy air compressor which are very good. They offer a rotary screw compressor, which has 10-350 horsepower. They make quality machines that will last for a while, they have larger models and smaller ones.

A Husky brand air compressor is great for use in your home. The tank has 135 PSI and holds 1.75 gallons. You can run all kinds of tools on it and are so easy to carry around with the telescope handle. You can get the oil free pump to maintain it well.

If you choose the Husky air compressor that holds 4 gallons you will be getting upt 125 PSI and is great for small jobs around the house.

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