Understanding The Adoption Process


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So you have decided that you want to adopt a child but how do you go about it? What is going to happen between your decision to adopt a child and eventually actually receiving the child? In this article we are going to look at the adoption process and how you can go about adopting a child.

The first thing to consider once you have decided to adopt a child is what type of adoption you want to go for. Do you want a domestic adoption (adopting a child in your home country) or an international adoption? Do you want to work through a private adoption agency, a public agency or work independently? Take some time to consider your various options and determine what is going to work for you. For the rest of this article however we are going to focus on domestic adoptions through an agency.

Once you have decided on a domestic adoption through an agency the next step will be to contact a few agencies in your area. If they have orientation nights then go to these and get to know the agencies. The orientation nights and visits or calls to the adoption agencies should be able to further inform you about the adoption process and where you will feel most comfortable. Once you have got to know them then decide which one you want to work with.

Once you have decided on the agency you are going to work with you will need to fill in an application form and probably pay a fee to join. After this there will be a number of interviews with social workers or counselors, a home study to check whether your home is suitable for the child and also to help you prepare for a new child in the home, as well as a number of other checks including medical checks and criminal record checks. Although the adoption process is quite involved and can take up quite some time this process is important to ensure the best for you, the adopted child and to ensure the birth parents, if any, that their child is being raised in a safe, loving home.

A number of different factors will determine how long you need to wait for a child including the race of the child, whether you have chosen international or domestic adoption and the age of the child you want to adopt. You should speak to the adoption agency you are working with to find out roughly how long the adoption process will take and how long you can expect to wait for a child.

The legal processes involved also vary depending on your home country, and whether you are going for domestic or international adoption. When you are speaking to your adoption agency find out from them what is going to be required in terms of legal processes, visits to court, etc.

In conclusion, the adoption process can be a fairly lengthy process, although the exact length of it will depend on a number of factors. The first thing involved is to decide what type of adoption you want to go for and then to choose an adoption agency which provides these services. Once you have given your application and fee to an adoption agency you will start the process of interviews, home studies, and checks. Legal requirements will also vary depending on your home country as well as the type of adoption you are going for and you should discuss these with your adoption agency.

You can also find more information at over sea adoption agency and adoption listing by photos and ChildAdoptionGuide.org is a comprehensive resource to help couples with the adoption process.


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