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You already know carpets get dirty, but do you realize they also become contaminated with bacteria and other unhealthy things. In short, vacuuming is not enough.

When you attempt to determine which the best shampooer available is, there are a lot of variables that need to be considered. One of these is price. There is quite a wide range of machines that run from fairly inexpensive to extremely costly. The higher priced shampooers and extractors are intended for use by professional carpet cleaners or building maintenance firms. The cost and the size of these machines make them impractical for homeowners.

One of the best of this type of shampooer is the Cimex R48. This machine has 19" brushes that turn at 400 RPM. It is powered by a one and a half horsepower motor that pulls 13 amps of power. The tank holds 6.6 gallons and has a 50 foot power cord. The Cimex is very quiet and is easy to handle. It is an ideal machine for use in hospitals or offices that operate around the clock. The cleaning is done quickly and quietly.

There are various types of shampooers designed for home use. They are considerably less expensive than the commercial varieties, but also have much less cleaning power. The price ranges are similar to a home vacuum cleaner and most of them are made by the leading vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Hoover, Bissell, Dirt Devil, and Eureka all make several different models.

One popular model that has received good reviews is the Dirt Devil MCE6600 Steam cleaner. This machine costs less than one tenth as much as the commercial Cimex R48. A comparison between the two machines will illustrate the differences between a commercial model and home model. The water tank holds one gallon. The cleaning area of the brushes is 12 inches. The power cord is 25 feet. However, the Dirt Devil pulls 12 amps of power. The amps show that the cleaning power of the Dirt Devil is going to be almost as strong as the commercial machine. It is just designed for smaller areas and less frequent use. It will clean the carpet though and that is the important thing.

It is a bit difficult to select one machine as the best. Consumers tend to have quite a bit of brand loyalty when it comes to vacuum cleaners and this loyalty often carries over into shampooers. Regardless of the brand, shampooing a carpet does more than make it look clean and new. The loosening and removal of dirt and grit from the fibers of the carpet will add years to its life. Any investment in carpet cleaning either by the purchase of a home model or the renting of a commercial machine is certain to be a worthwhile one.

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