How to Grow Herbs - Angelica (Angelica Archgangelica, Angelica Atropurpurea)

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Description of Plant

Angelica is mostly considered biennial but quite often doesn't bloom until third summer. After blooming and seeding, it dies away. When grown for its roots, the roots will grow bigger if we cut away all the flower heads when they first appear. In its second year it produces some side shoots. These do not die away with their mother plant, they live on.

Angelica grows up to 84 inches tall (more than 200 cm). This plant is ornamental and aromatic, with large white blooms and dark green leaves, divided into three parts.

In Your Garden

A single plant should be enough for personal use. Angelica prefers deep, moist and fertile soil. It will grow best in partial shade to full sun.

How to Propagate

Angelica is fairly easy to grow from seed. In fall, we plant freshly gathered seeds. Unused seeds should be kept in the freezer to preserve some germination. In spring, we transplant small seedlings or buy plants.

If you let angelica bloom, the seeds will self-sow and you will always have this herb in your garden. To make it a perennial, cut down the stems at their base and let the side shoots grow.


Parts used:

  • Root
  • Stem
  • Leaves
  • Seeds
Angelica is used in the kitchen and in herbal medicine, as well as in confectionary, perfume and wine and liqueur industry. The whole plant is aromatic but in Europe it is only grown for its root. Two year old root should be dug in September or October, sliced and dried rapidly, and stored in air-tight containers to preserve the medical qualities for several years.

Herb angelica is said to improve immunity, circulation, stimulate appetite, relax muscles, reduce blood pressure, help reduce coughs, bronchial problems, allergies, exhaustion, premenstrual symptom, menopause symptoms, rheumatism, gas, heartburn, allergies, aid in regulating menstrual cycle and more.


  • Some people may be allergic to fresh angelicas because of the furocoumarin (angelicin - toxic substance) they contain (symptoms: photosensitivity, slowly healing skin rashes, nausea). During the process of drying, the toxic virtue is said to be lost.
  • Only use your garden angelica because in nature, this plant can easily be mistaken with some others and very poisonous (like poison water hemlock and cicuta)!
  • Avoid during pregnancy.
  • Angelica increases blood sugar and so diabetics should avoid it accordingly.

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