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Using Herbicides For Weed Control


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Weed control is necessary throughout the year, as there is no specific season for growth of weeds. Effective control of weeds does not mean blatant use of strong herbicides. Doing so can have the adverse effect of damaging your lawn to an irreparable state. In addition, it can cause ecological imbalance, which have a negative impact on the community in the long run.

Herbicides can be categories into two types. The first type is pre-emergent and the second type is post-emergent. As the name suggests, pre-emergent herbicides are used before weeds germinate and grow. On the other hand, post-emergent herbicides are used to kill existing weeds. Proper usage of the correct type of herbicides is critical to effective weed control.

Depending on where you live, February to April of the year is considers a good time to start your weed control campaign. You should start with pre-emergent herbicides first. This type of herbicides can be used in conjunction with fertilizers and can last for about sixty days. The actual duration may vary as it depends on other factors such as the amount of rainfall. The more rain there is, the shorter the effective period.

As herbicide is a form of chemical, you need to read and follow the instructions stated on the product label. Never use it in excess of what is being specified. It could destroy your lawn or hinder the growth of your lawn grass if you do not follow the instructions closely. For safety purpose, make sure you put on gloves when handling such chemicals.

After sixty days, you can apply post-emergent herbicides together with your fertilizers. This should help you get rid of weeds that have taken root in your lawn. Monitor the situation for the next sixty days. You should be able to see some visible improvements. Otherwise, apply another round of post-emergent herbicides with your fertilizers and monitor the situation again. If the situation does not improve, apply another round of herbicides in the fall season.

To make your weed control campaign more effective, you should also learn how to take care of your lawn with a combination of proper mowing, fertilization and watering techniques. Alternatively, you can also consider engaging a professional lawn care service to advise you on how to improve your weed control efforts.

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