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Microwave Tupperware Safely


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You and I are concerned about health issues. We want health safety for our families. We want to know that the food we serve is not going to jeopardize health – and that brings up the subject of microwaving.

Microwaving Plastic

The safety of microwaving food in plastic containers periodically returns to the surface of societal consciousness. Plastics contain chemicals. Many are chemicals we do not want in our food. Do they ooze from the plastic during microwaving?

Some plastics, both containers and wraps, have passed the FDA test, but others are still under scrutiny.

Microwave Tupperware Products

For consumer safety and health, Tupperware Corporation of Orlando, Florida makes microwave Tupperware. It identifies these products on the label so that consumers can use only the products that will not warp or melt. There is a good variety of microwave Tupperware. We discuss only 7 of them here.

1. “Heat ’N Serve" square round microwave Tupperware is a basic black plastic container with a black lid – called a “seal" by Tupperware. This container can be used to store, freeze, and microwave food without changing containers. A unique feature on this microwave Tupperware is the red valve on top. This automatic valve lets steam escape as food is reheated. Seals will not blow off with the build up of steam, and food cannot splatter.

2. “Heat ‘N Serve" Containers are similar to the above microwave Tupperware, but are available in round and oval shapes. A raised hub in the middle of the bottom allows food to heat evenly in this microwave Tupperware, with no need for frequent stirring.

3. Another line of microwave Tupperware is the black and red “Rock ‘n Serve" set. With the same automatic “no-worry" valve as described above, these products are available in round or rectangular, small or large.

4. For microwave Tupperware that is super convenient for a family, you may want to try the microwave luncheon plates. These, too, have a footed base that lets air flow evenly around your food in the microwave. Food heats more quickly – but the plates’ edges remain cool for safety.

5. If you have food you want to steam, you will want to see the microsteamer. This special microwave Tupperware steams healthful dishes in less than 15 minutes. You can also use it for heating tortillas and pita bread.

6. Like hot oatmeal for breakfast? The line of microwave Tupperware includes microwaveable cereal bowls.

7. And if you're cooking for one, you will appreciate the divided bowl that lets you microwave a 3-course meal in one bowl.

Microwave Tupperware are safe plastics. They give you the convenience and light weight you've come to associate with Tupperware, and the safety of cooking healthful food in that lightweight convenience.

Since microwave Tupperware are unbreakable, you can even let younger children help – with supervision, of course.

One of the features of microwave Tupperware people seem to talk about often is the warranty. All Tupperware products come with a full lifetime warranty against breaking, chipping, cracking, or peeling. I know of no other microwaveable plastic that carries such a warranty.

Disadvantages of Microwave Tupperware

I have heard no one voice a disadvantage of microwave Tupperware other than the initial cost. We are not accustomed to think of plastic as an expensive item, and many think Tupperware is too costly. Others point out that it is an investment, and with its long life the cost is soon recouped.

If you are interested in trying microwave Tupperware, you can order online, at a kiosk in some malls, or through a local distributor. You may find a Tupperware party to attend, but these are no longer the only outlet.

NOTE: I have never been a Tupperware dealer or representative of any kind, and am not one now. I merely have an interest in the product.

©2007, Anna Hart. Anna Hart invites you to read more of her articles about Tupperware’s products at . Anna has also posted additional information on that site about microwave Tupperware. If you would like to learn about the amazing microwave Tupperware cooker, you won’t want to miss her articles.


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