To Hot Shoe or Not shoe that is the question

John Silveira

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Do you wonder whether or not your horse should be hot shod or perhaps what if any are the benefits or advantages of hot shoeing and maybe even if it’s necessary at all?

Hot shoeing is the application of heat to the shoe then pressing the hot shoe onto the hoof wall of the horse. Like many things related to horseshoeing hot shoeing is a controversial subject. A usual question about hot shoeing is “Does that hurt the horse”?

Hot shoeing does not hurt the horse in usual circumstances. There are occasions where it the hoof has been trimmed quite short then the hot shoe is applied the heat transfers into the sensitive tissue of the foot and the horse can feel the heat. Sometimes the horse will not want to put his foot down as it’s too hot; however this is a very temporary condition and rarely ever has hot shoeing caused lameness.

Is there then any real benefit to the horse to be hot shod; well the answer is “Not really”. Some people think the big benefit of hot shoeing is that the shoe fits the foot better. It’s really a question of how much better and is it really necessary.

When the hot shoe is pressed onto the hoof wall the shoe burns itself a spot that conforms to the hoof wall. The controversy is “Does that make any difference”. It’s a questionable difference. The argument is that the shoe “Fits” better. The argument is that even if the shoe is hot fit to the foot when a horse is walking and the foot is breaking over there is still separation of the shoe from the foot (even a hot fit shoe).

Horses that are not hot shod can have shoes that fit very tightly just as well. And being cold shod the shoe will still separate from the hoof wall while the horse walks and runs just as a hot fit shoe will. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that a horse that was cold shod has ever caused lameness of any kind from being cold shod.

So is being hot shod really any better? Well – Maybe, but certainly not from the standpoint of preventing lameness. However what does prevent lameness is very important to know for yourself.

Preventing lameness is about shoe placement, bone alignment, bone angles, length of toe, and direction of foot in relation to knees and pastern bones as well as quite a few other issues with foot care and horse shoeing practices.

Horseshoeing is surrounded by controversy; few Farriers agree with each other with really how to shoe horses correctly. For the horse owner this can lead to lameness of horses with dire consequences. Not an affordable risk to take.

If you wish to experience the truth about horseshoeing and discover a method with a 16 year 100% track record “Not One Single Lame Horse” just visit the web site below in the author bio. What you risk if you don’t can be very costly. Just click below.

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Author Bio: John Silveira, Farrier, Aikido practitioner, spiritualist, born and raised in San Mateo California the bay area. For information on his shoeing method and the 100% track record just go to and leave contact information. thank you and remember to Care4Horses


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