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Finding Cool And Unique Labrador Retriever Names


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Looking for ideas for Labrador Retriever names? Lets face it, this breed is one, if not THE most popular dog breed in the world. And because of this it deserves a name that's as special as the dog itself.

Sure, you could come up with any dog name, but why not try to find a name that actually fits? A name that reflects this dogs intelligence, sociable nature, or even it's physical characteristics like it's color.

Since we believe that special dogs deserve special names, when coming up with the Labrador Retriever dog names shown below, we chose 3 lab name categories that we felt would help you to think a bit out of the box when it comes to selecting the best Labrador Retriever names. These categories are…

General Lab Names…

These general names were chosen and suggested simply because we felt they would sound good on a lab. We didn't feel that just any dog name would fit this particular breed. As an example, Fifi would be a great Poodle name, but not on a lab. Here's a few dog name suggestions that we thought might be a good match…

Cassidy: This name has a friendly, easy going sound to it, and it seems to be a good match with this breeds temperament.

Charisma: Somebody who has charisma is someone with personal magnetism. If you've noticed that your lab is drawing a lot of attention, then the name Charisma might be an appropriate match.

Fetch: A good name match for a dog that’s a Retriever.

Jazz: A smooth and cool sounding name, and one that might appeal to a music loving owner.

Ricochet: For the lab that’s all over the place!

Other General Lab Name Ideas…Amanda, Bailey, Bandanna, Boone, Cabo, Caboodle, Cha-Cha, Chelsea, Cheyenne, Cody, Denali, Hailey, Kahuna, Maui, Rio, Sierra, Tango, Tiara

Black or Chocolate Lab Names…

Should you be the proud owner of a Retriever whose color is black or chocolate, here's some name suggestions and a list of names that might be a good fit for it's dark color…

Java: For an energetic black lab that doesn't need caffeine.

Kahlua: A good match for a chocolate lab whose owner is fond of either this famous drink, or Hawaii from where it originates, or both!

Panther: For the lab that's as stealthy and sleek as a black panther.

Sable: Named after the highly valued black sable fur, the lab given this name should be one that carries itself well and that knows its special.

Other Black Or Chocolate Lab Name Ideas…Aurora, Coco, Ebony, Eightball, Espresso, Hoodlum, Luna, Midnight, Nighthawk, Phantom, Raven, Salem, Shadow, Star, Storm, Taboo

Yellow Lab Names…

Blondes have more fun! So giving your yellow lab a name that highlights its beautiful coloration will make it stand paws above the rest. Here's a few naming suggestions and a list of names after things that are bright or yellow…

Butter: Don't laugh, but I encountered a yellow lab recently who owned this very memorable and unique name. I'll never forget having met Butter!

Marilyn: For the blonde lab whose owner is a Marilyn Monroe fan. This sultry pooch draws the attention of everyone as it enters the room one hip at a time!

Sundance: This energetic dog brightens everyone's day.

Other Yellow Lab Name Ideas…Amber, Autumn, Blondie, Chiquita, Daisy, Ember, Garbo, Goldie, Harlow, Meadow, Omelet, Paris, Sandy, Sahara, Savanna, Sunny, Zsa Zsa

When looking for Labrador Retriever Names, they're easy to find when you consider your labs temperament and physical characteristics when choosing a name. If you take care to choose the right one, not only will your dog appreciate it, but he will also attract more attention…thus more petting, playing and treats!

When Richard Livitski isn't busy digging up Labrador Retriever Names, he's working on his dog names website where dog names and puppy names in all shapes and sizes can be found.


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