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There is nothing that truly prepares you to face the reality of parenthood the first time it happens. The advice and warnings of siblings and friends who have experienced parenthood before you are in no way adequate when it is actually your turn.

It seems to be the end of a full night’s uninterrupted sleep. Never ending demands from your child effectively puts a strain on pleasurable time with your spouse/partner. There is one solution though to all these problems. That is to have someone whom you trust completely, with whom you can leave your child, and get a break; even if it’s just to go out for a meal or a movie!

It is indeed a rare blessing to have a family which you are comfortable with, like and trust. In such a case, there is nothing to worry for there will always be someone available to take care of the child. In reality of course most often one has to depend on friends or even neighbors, and it is in such situations that the baby sitting circle fills the gap. You baby sit for a family and they do the same for you. In this way, it is ideal to have a small baby sitting circle of mothers.

The parents whose child you are baby sitting leave with relief and seem eternally grateful for the escape that you have offered them. You can be sure of reciprocation from them when you need a break from your child.

They should be responsible, should be people with whom you can trust your child; they should also be someone you can trust to a commitment. It becomes difficult if someone never reciprocates when it’s your turn to have an evening free, or maybe makes up excuses in the last minute.

People in every profession or job get days off, so it is only fair that as a mother you too get a day off. Just as children need constant nurturing and caring, your own relationship with your spouse/partner too needs it. So make sure that you have a trustworthy baby sitting circle that is mutually helpful.

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