Professional Pond Kits Provide Comprehensive Solution For Water Garden Projects


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Two essential components of a professional water garden include a skimmer and a high-end waterfall filter. A pond skimmer helps to keep debris, such as leaves and twigs, off the surface of the pond. This is extremely important because decaying leaves not only create toxic by-products, but also encourage the growth of algae. This is because decay increases the nutritional value of the water in the pond, which provides a rich source of nutrition to algae.

Proper filtration is the other essential requirement for any pond. A proper pond filter should include both mechanical and biological filtration to remove large particles and encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria helps to convert fish waste into harmless fertilizer, which can be consumed by your pond plants. The existence of a proper biological filter will help to encourage the growth of this bacteria, which is essential if you wish to raise any fish or aquatic life in your pond.

There are several pond kits that fulfill these requirements. For example, MicroPond kits include a pump, liner, underlay, filtration media, and both a skimmer and bio waterfall filter. These kits come complete with all the required accessories in order to transform your backyard into a spectacular work of art. The kit’s skimmer Trap Basket has a large filter that is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. There is also a secondary filter mat used for secondary filtration prior to reaching the pump.

The kit’s Bio Waterfall Filter not only helps you to create a waterfall, but it also includes both removable biological and mechanical filters, and 2 activated charcoal pouches. The charcoal filtration units have an extremely high surface area and when placed in the water bind, and thus remove harmful chemicals such as bacterial toxins. Poisonous toxic molecules physically adhere to the activated charcoal and stick to it until they are completely destroyed.

Before you start planning your garden pond, make sure you have all the necessary materials. The most affordable way to ensure this is to check online for professional pond kits that meet your requirements. Pond kits usually provide most or all of the basic materials required to install a pond, at a discounted price. Purchasing a pond kit also reduces the risk of mistakes that are often associated with purchasing the incorrectly-sized equipment. Have you ever tried to return liner, after it’s been cut up? Or a pump, after you have run water through it? Good luck convincing a retail outlet that it came like that!

Good luck with your garden pond , and be sure to check out the MicroPond kit! Go to for great deals on pond kits.


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