Planting Daffodil Bulb Tips


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Planting daffodil bulb advice is relatively easy to give because daffodils are very resilient flowers that are easy to grow. It is almost as easy as putting the daffodil bulbs in the ground and waiting for the growth. Almost, but not quite.

The first word of advice is to decide what kind of daffodil you want to plant. There are many different varieties of bulbs available.

For this you need to envision what you want your flower bed to look like. Do you want daffodils with large blooms? Then you would pick the King Alfred daffodil.

Color also plays an important role in your selection. Perhaps you want a single color to make a bold statement in your garden, or you want multiple rainbow colors in the flowerbed.

When preparing the soil for planting your daffodil bulbs, mix in some compost first, then ensure that the soil is loose and drains well. You can leave the flowerbed even or make small ditches in the flowerbed.

Next comes the actual planting of the daffodil bulb. If you made ditches, you would place the daffodil bulbs in them. Don't plant the bulbs at an even distance from each other. You probably don't want your flower garden to look like a corn field.

You could also take a few bulbs and just toss them onto the flowerbed. Then plant them where they fell. That way you will get an uneven spread that will look more natural.

It might sound superfluous to say this, but make sure that you plant the bulb with the root side at the bottom and the pointed side of the daffodil bulb pointing up.

Fill the hole and keep it well watered.

The best time to plant your daffodil bulbs is during fall. They need the winter chill before they are ready to bloom during spring.

Ideally you want to plant the bulbs in sunny areas of the garden. However, daffodils are so resilient that they will also grow in shady areas underneath trees.

Chrystal Holman recommends these wide selection of bulbs, including many daffodil varieties, that you can plant during spring and fall . You can also get a free temperature zone map to tell you the optimal time for daffodil bulb planting in your area, as well as a lot of additional information on bulbs and planting them.


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