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Stopping your dog from chewing everything in sight.

It is only natural for dogs to want to chew.

It is a natural instinct, but they need to be trained what they can and can't chew without causing problems.

While they might feel the need to sharpen their teeth you certainly don't want them to be doing that on your furniture.

It is a lot cheaper to invest some money in suitable toys that the dog can chew or get their teeth cleaned professionally than to replace expensive household items.

The simplest method of training a dog not to chew everything in sight is to confine it to a small area where only those things that it should be allowed to chew are present.

The dog will then become accustomed to the smell of those things that it is allowed to chew and then when it is allowed out into the household where other items are present you can teach it not to chew items such as furniture, shoes, clothing, etc.

It is also possible to teach an old dog not to chew items by using the same techniques although it is harder if it has been doing this for many years of its life.

It is always preferable to teach your dog the lessons they need to know as soon as possible as training gets harder with the age of the dog.

If the dog is going to be left inside for extended periods while you're not around it is wise to remove any items that you don't want it to chew until it is fully trained.

Until that time, the dog should be content with suitable chewing toys.

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How to Stop Your Pooch From Chewing Up the House?
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