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Sauna rooms are catching on, not just in fitness centers, health spas, and high end hotels; but for home use as well. Prices are coming down, competition is increasing it's never been a better time to be a consumer shopping for a home sauna. Of course while the stage is set for you to have the largest choice of makes and models, and negotiate the best price possible there's still quite a bit of knowledge you should be armed with before you go shopping.

There are three main types of sauna rooms available: steam, dry, and infrared. Then of those three variations of sauna heaters you can purchase a pre cut or a modular sauna room. What model should you be looking for, and what type of room best suits your current situation. If you're remodeling or in the middle of new home construction then the choice doesn't have to be based on space and size requirements. How ever if you're not a fan of having to remodel a room in your home to accommodate your sauna room then read on, we'll share the solution to this problem.

Precut sauna kits

Have a room in your home you think would be a perfect size for a sauna conversion? Then this is the kit for you. A pre-cut sauna room comes with all the required lumber measured and cut to complete the interior walls, and ceiling of a sauna. This makes it easy to finish out a room that is already framed by purchasing a kit that comes with all required materials and accessories to be up and running.

Manufacturers need exact measurements of the room your converting or building then they can get to work on supplying you with pre cut materials, sauna heater, bench, doors, and even lighting. While this can be a labor intensive process there are contractors that specialize in sauna and spa installation who can be a wealth of knowledge and assistance when attempting to complete a precut sauna in your home.

Modular Sauna Kits

The easiest way to add a sauna to your home is to purchase a modular sauna kit. Modular also known as prefabricated saunas come almost prebuilt. The walls, door and ceiling are all constructed by the manufacturer. How ever the final assembly is left to you as it's less expensive to ship it almost built then if it was a complete sauna. Modular rooms can be purchased to accommodate from one to eight plus people and can be placed in almost any room of your home.

A big benefit to consumers who purchase prefab saunas is they can take them with them if they relocate. While a precut sauna will stay with the home if it's sold.

It's difficult to say one is better then the other as no two people will have the exact same expectations. If you've always wanted that relaxing sauna room in your then a pre cut sauna room is the easiest way to ensure quality workmanship and least waste of materials. Of course while the price of the kit is attractive don't forget the cost that goes into preparing your room, and of course the fact that you give up the option of using that room for anything else in your home.

Be sure to educate yourself, a sauna is a big purchase. Consult with local sauna contractors for their input and seek out previous buyers input on if they'd buy the sauna they own again.

If you'd like to learn more about modular sauna rooms , pre-cut saunas, and sauna rooms visit our website.


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