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Fat Dogs Have Shorter Life Span Than Other Dogs With Normal Weight


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Various scientific research has been done on the topic of obesity and they all point to one thing: it’s bad for you. Not surprisingly, it isn’t good for your dog either. But note, however, that when it comes to dogs, every excess pound gained is a great percentage of his overall weight.

To illustrate, take the example of a 170 pound man. Let’s say that he gains 5 pounds. No matter how large a weight gain 5 pounds might be for you, the fact of the matter is it is still a very small percentage of his overall weight.

With fat dogs, on the other, hand, weighing 35 pounds, 5 pounds is a great percentage of his overall weight. Hence, it doesn’t take much for your dog to become overweight and start having health problems.

Like humans, fat dogs have shorter life span than other dogs with normal weight. Statistics also show that fat dogs experience more medical problems than others.

Other people might think that fat dogs are cute, but you should not be fooled by their “adorable" appearance. Because the truth is if you really love your dog, you wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him or her. You would do everything in your power to prolong his or her life and keep him or her always healthy and happy. The fact is that fat dogs aren’t healthy. And there is serious doubt if they are happy with the state of their body.

So how do you know when your dog has become too fat?

There are many obvious signs. First, take a look at your dog. Fat dogs are usually rotund in the shape of their bodies. Even if the breed of your dog makes a rotund body a genetic characteristic, it is still a reason to be alarmed if you find that your dog is more rotund than usual. In other words, pay attention to your dog and keep an eye out for anything unusual happening to his body.

If you do suspect that your dog is gaining more weight than normal, then see your veterinarian. He would usually have a weight chart, showing the weight ranges for the various dog breeds. He can make comparisons and determine if your dog has joined the club for the fat dogs.

If there is a problem with weight gain, you can usually trace it back to you. Yes, you. But of course, your dog hasn’t yet to figure out how to open the fridge. Therefore, if your dog is gaining more weight than what is considered healthy, then it is most likely because you are feeding him too much. And if it’s not you, then it could be other family members who can’t resist that teary-eyed look your dog likes to make when he wants something. Whichever the case, it is important to cut back on your dog’s food consumption.

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