Craft Table And Storage Options For Crafters


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Anyone who is serious about crafting knows – all the supplies that accumulate take up a lot of space. We tend to throw it all together in boxes, containers, or closets to get it out of the way when we aren’t using it. Then when we're at our craft table, in need of a certain something, it is no where to be found! Here are some helpful ways to keep the clutter down and find the craft table that is right for you.

Some are lucky enough to have a craft room with a permanent craft table in it. For those of us that aren't so lucky, the kitchen table usually does the trick. It is not wise to use the kitchen table, however, because of the risk of damage.

When you are using glues, paints, or sharp objects like knives or scissors, your kitchen table can pay the price.

As an alternative, consider using a folding table. You can find sturdy, durable folding tables in a variety of sizes and for a variety of prices. I have even seen a very creative suggestion including sawhorses and a flat-surface door. Use adjustable sawhorses as the legs of your table. Use the door as the top. For added protection, you can seal the door. The advantage to folding tables, or the sawhorse table, is that they can be taken down and stored under beds or in closets when not in use.

When you are purchasing or setting up your craft table keep in mind that certain shapes are easier to work in, a T shape, a U shape, or an L shape. As an example, you could put one long folding table against the wall and put another shorter table or ironing board perpendicular to the end of the table (to make an L shape). Then, you have what you need within close range.

You can also purchase desks or craft tables that are already in an L shape. Another idea for ease of use while working, buy a plastic mat made to go under a desk, and an office chair with rollers. You can glide from one end of your craft table to the other!

You can use empty wall space and extra closet space to store you craft supplies. Take advantage of empty wall space by hanging shelves or peg board. If you hang hooks on the wall in front of your craft table, you can have the tools you need most often within your reach. In the closet, you can install shelves to hold containers, or you can use clothing rods to hang fabrics. When choosing containers, you should always go clear. It will help you find things easily if you can see what is in the container. Permanent or moveable cabinet units can be put under or next to your craft table for added storage.

These are just a few ideas to help you get organized. Whether you have a permanent craft table, or a do-it-yourself craft table, the right organization tactics make all the difference!

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