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Tips On Painting Your Homes Exterior


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Painting your homes exterior can be a very big job. If you have decided to take on this project yourself there are many important steps that you should not skip. Keep reading to get some tips on exterior house painting that will give you a professional quality job that will last for years.

The first step in any painting job is preparation. The surface to be painted needs to be thoroughly cleaned before any paint is applied. Painting over dirt will just assure that your finish will not last very long. Rent a power washer and use it to clean off chipped paint, bugs, dirt and deteriorated paint. After you have finished washing your homes exterior you then need to give it ample time to dry. Plan to paint the next day.

Now that you have a clean surface it is time to address any areas that need attention. Any remaining loose paint must be scraped off or sanded off. If you find any holes or cracks now is the time to fill them with spackle or caulk. Be very detail oriented here and be sure not to miss anything. If you find any rotten or loose boards now is the time to fix them.

By now you should have a good surface that you can work with. It is now time to begin taping off areas that you will not be painting like windows. Take your time here as this is very important to the final product, especially if you will be applying your paint with a sprayer. It will also save you time as you can go over areas quicker without worrying about overspray.

Now that all the prep is done, it is time to paint your home. Pick a day that is calm, not too windy, not too hot and of course with no chance of rain. Take your time and do a god job. Remember, if you do it right you won't have to do it again for 10 years or more. Good luck.

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