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So admit it. If you are reading this, there has to be some part of you that LOVES scrapbooking. Whether you love creating, being crafty, organizing your photos, or recording your memories, there has to be some reason that scrapboooking is a part of your live. For me it has been a combination of everything that makes this one of my passions. But what happens when you work full-time or take care of your family full-time and don’t have the time to shop, plan, and carry out this scrapbooking dream? One of the great ways that I have found to follow your scrapbooking heart is to let someone else do most of the work for you. Hence, the scrapbooking kits and clubs are born.

Now most of you are probably thinking that this sounds like an expensive venture or maybe you love being creative on your own. Well, once you find out a little more about these kits and clubs, you might start changing your tune. I have decided to summarize some of my favorites giving you the lowdown on costs and what they all include (Keep in mind that there are hundreds of kit clubs out there). Many of these are like an actual club where you pay monthly and are sent a kit to complete several layout and pages, instructions included. Others, you can order a kit whenever you wish, but usually end up paying a little more. Just remember the best part about this whole idea is that someone else is doing most of the planning and shopping for you and it can come right to your door. All you do is use all the supplies sent to you, your own little creativity, and you become the scrapbooking goddess you aspire to be!

Kit Club:
Cost: $24.99 – 28.99 per kit, other projects $2.99 and up
Shipping: $4.80
What it includes: 10-12+ sheets of paper/cardstock, matching embellishments, ribbons and tools included (like foam letters, stamps etc. )
Subscription: No, but new kits offered each month, different projects available throughout the year
Extras: Check out their “projects to go" - you get all the supplies to make calendars, books, and much more.

Kit Club:
Cost: $24.95-29.95 (kits are less if you order 3 to 6 months in advance)
Shipping: $5.00
What it includes: 8-10 sheets or paper/cardstock, rub-ons, chipboard, ribbon, stamps, and album (like a mini album or book) in each kit
Subscription: 1, 3, & 6 month subscriptions
Extras: You can buy other products or add-ons to their kits on their website

Kit Club:
Cost: $34.50 – 41.50 per kit plus tax
Shipping: $3.85 to $8
What it includes:The kit is a surprise each month, but hints are on the website. These kits offer twice as much paper and more embellishments than most other kits I have seen
Subscription: 2, 6, and 12 month subscriptions
Extras: You can customize your kit each month and pay for the “featured gadget" of the month. You can also “skip" a month and continue the next month

Kit Club:
Cost: $20-25 per kit
Shipping: $6/kit
What it includes: 12 patterned papers, 6 cardstocks, 4-8 embellishments. There are usually 3 add-ons (embellishment-$10, ribbon-$5, and stamp-$12) that coordinate. Subscription: 1,3 and 6 month memberships
Extras: They also have clubs for their add-ons each month (like a stamp club, etc. )

Kit Club:
Cost: $17.50-20.50/kit
Shipping: $5-6/kit
What it includes: Standard kit: at least 6 sheets cardstock, 4 sheets patterned/double sided paper. Mega kit: least 10 sheets cardstock, 8 sheets patterned/double sided paper. All come with coordinating embellishments
Subscription: Yes – you may cancel at any time
Extras: Their “starboard rewards" points are given for making consecutive kit purchases and can be cashed in for cool supplies.

Kit Club:
Cost: $22.95-26.95/month
Shipping: $5.75/kit
What it includes: 8 cardstock, 6 patterned paper sheets, coordinating embellishments
Subscription: 1,3 and 6 month memberships
Extras: You can add-on to your kits and no extra shipping is charged.

Kit Club:
Cost: $34.95 – 42.95/month
Shipping: ?
What it includes: 10+ patterned paper and cardstock, embellishments include distressing kits, paints, chipboard, stamps, ribbon, flowers, & metal
Subscription: 1, 6, 12 month
Extras: The newsletter with the kit is amazing with page layouts, page title and quote ideas, and how to techniques!

Kit Club:
Cost: $23.50-25.50/month
Shipping: $5.50/kit
What it includes: 10+ patterned paper and cardstock, embellishments include ribbons, tools, fibers, buttons, brads, stamps, etc.
Subscription: 1, 3 month
Extras: Very unique embellishments

Kit Club:
Cost: $21.95 – 24.95/kit
Shipping: $4.20-6.05/kit
What it includes: 10+ patterned paper and cardstock and embellishments (stickers, stamps, clips, brads, ribbon, flowers, rub-ons, etc. )
Subscription: 1 month or as long as you like

Kit Club:
Cost: $20.95-22.95/kit
Shipping: $5.00/kit
What it includes: 15+ papers, 3-4+ different kinds of embellishments

Kit Club:
Cost: $32.99-34.99/kit
Shipping: $6.00/kit
What it includes: 6-8+ papers, lots of embellishments
Subscription: 1 month trial, 6 or 12 month

Kit Club:
Cost: $19.95 – 23.95/month
Shipping: $5.50/kit
What it includes: 6-10+ patterned paper, 4+ cardstock, 6+ embellishments
Subscription: 1, 3, 6 month (I like how this one allows you to pay for 3 or 6 months in advance so you are only charged once)
Extras: Cute add-on projects

Kit Club:
Cost: $34.00-42.00/month
Shipping: $5.00/kit
What it includes: 10+ patterned paper, 10+ cardstock, 10+ embellishments, 5 ribbons (1 yard each!), 1 altered project included too
Subscription: 1,3,6 month
Extras: This kit club by far surpasses any other with the amount of “stuff" you get.

Robin M. King is a photographer and long-time scrapbooker. She is a contributer to , a comparison shopping tool for scrapbooking supplies . Read her ScrapBlog and “Ask Robin" questions.


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