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How To Make Your Bedroom More Sensual

Hunter Pyle

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Start by giving your room a good look. Remove all the clutter in order to get an idea of the lines, the shades, the furniture and the possibilities.

Next, look at the colors of your room. Are they pale, feminine or devoid of life? If so, replace them with vivid shades, the deep dramatic colors of dark green, the warm hues of yellow and the burning powers of red and orange. Red, always associated with love and passion, is perceived by some as best for *** energy. It is not always, however, a good idea to paint a room red. It can over power the rest of the decor. At its very worst, red becomes reminiscent of old-time cathouses and does not call to mind the right amount of sensuality.

Red may, instead, be used to accent and accessorize. Try red candles and oil lamps. Perhaps you have antique candle sticks or a boudoir lamp. Both can add to the overall sense of sensuality that you want to pervade the bedroom. Dim lights, candles and soft lamps or lampshades, conjure up fire images of passion and add to the entire atmosphere.

Sensual bedrooms are all about atmosphere. The burning of incense, the lighting of candles, the playing of soft music – all provide a background of sensual illusion. The addition of scented candles or smoking potpourri is beneficial, but, as with the color red, don’t over do it. Please, as well, take into consideration, whether your partner or s/he who would be seduced is allergic to any particular scent. The same applies to adding flowers or any other scented objects e. g. rose petals or lavender flowers scattered on the bed sheets.

If you have the money, buy a four-poster bed with a canopy. If not, you could buy or make a lace or net canopy that hangs suspended from the ceiling, draping sensuously over the bed. Avoid at all costs, however, the complete feminization of the bedroom. Lacy pillows and gauzy materials may not be considered sensual by your partner.

Make the bed comfortable. Install erotic looking plump pillows and crisp sheets. Some people find silk or satin sheets, red or black, to add to the mood. Others do not care as long as the sheets are clean, comfortable and cool to the touch.

A wonderful addition to a bedroom that can increase the level of *** energy is a screen. Place it in a corner for disrobing behind. Have it at neck height adding to the allure. If it appears semi sheer through back lighting, the act of undressing becomes sensuous and not simply part of a routine.

Mirrors are another possibility. Mirrors can be hung from the ceiling, behind the bed or on a nearby dresser. If a candle light is reflected on their surface, a mirror can be an inexpensive way of setting a mood.

One more consideration: privacy. During the day, let light flood your room. At night, however, dress your windows with shades or blinds. It will, together with all the other elements, create an intimate sensuous setting within the four walls of your bedroom.

About the author: Hunter Pyle wrote this article to illustrate how to make your bedroom more than just somewhere to sleep. Want to find some ideas to spice up your bedroom? Check out Get Organized or Kitchen and Much More for some extra ideas to get you started.


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