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"Aluminium", commonly known as aluminum, is highly favorable as a building material because of its high resistance to corrosion. It is also relatively lightweight so aluminum and its alloys are very important to aerospace and other transportation industry.

Below is a summary of the important measures of aluminum and/or aluminum alloys:

Pure aluminum is soft and has little strength. Manufacturers usually mix this element with other metals, like zinc, copper, and magnesium, to form alloys. Moreover:

- It is the second most malleable after gold.

- It is the sixth most ductile element and/or metal.

- It is a dull silver-colored metal that can be formed into any shape.

- It is non magnetic.

- It is non toxic.

- It is non-sparking.

- It is a good conductor of heat.

The industry of construction uses alloys of aluminum for panels, gutters, sides and roofs of buildings, window frames, tubes for electrical wires, and even fences.

Considering the above mentioned features of aluminum, an array of makers of ornamental aluminum fence are already competing in manufacturing ornamental aluminum fences. The following features and items are offered by Ultra, Ideal, and Jerith.

- A do-it-yourself project with help from Hoover Fence

- Aluminum wrought iron appearance

- Available in 3', 4', 5', 6', 8', 52", and 54" heights

- Dozens of styles are available to widen your choices

- Double Arch Top Gates are available from Ideal and Jerith

- Free shipping is offered by Ideal with orders over 5,000 dollars

- Free shipping is offered by Jerith with orders over 1,250 dollars

- Free shipping is offered by Ultra with orders over 3,500 dollars

- Maintenance is free. You will never need to paint the surfaces again

- Most styles are available in bronze, black, and/or white colors

- Sections are available in lengths of 6’.

- Single Arch Top Gates are available from Ideal and Jerith

- There are posts with ball, flat and even solar lighting caps

Unlike wooden fences, aluminum fences are usually ready to assemble and require shipping from source manufacturers. Homeowners choose aluminum fences over wooden fences for variety of reasons. Some of it is provided as follows:

- Aluminum fences do not rot while wooden fences do.

- Aluminum fences do not need repainting while wooden fences do.

- Aluminum fences complement the colors of most modern houses.

- Aluminum fences are fire resistant while wooden fences are not.

- Aluminum fences will not corrode with the presence of moisture. Wooden fences will rot easily with the presence of moisture.

- Aluminum fences do not need to be treated with preservatives. Wooden fences need to be treated with preservatives to prolong its sturdiness.

- Aluminum fences are not prone to termites. Wooden fences can be destroyed by termites when not properly treated.

Homeowners may consider aluminum fences over wooden fences given that they are able to carefully consider their budget and layout, among others.

Find out more information about Aluminum Fences and Fences Design at the Fences website http://fences.advice-tips.com


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