Do We Need To Brush Our Dog's Teeth?

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Question: We have noticed a brown discoloration on our dog's back molars, should we try and brush his teeth?

Answer: Your dog is only a year old and should generally have healthy teeth.

There are certain early signs of teeth problems that need to be mentioned. Some of these problems started in the teeth, but some can cause infections in other parts of the body or can be the first sign that your dog is sick. Here are some early signs:

o yellowing of the teeth o redness on the gums o bad breath o swelling of the gums o trouble chewing or even drinking o certain temperatures in food or water o plaque and tartar build up

What can these signs mean?

The problem can be as simple as needing to start brushing his teeth, or getting your doctor to do a good cleaning.

Dogs rarely have cavities, but if there is tartar buildup, this can lead to periodontal disease which is much worse. Periodontal disease can lead to kidney failure, heart infections and other diseases as well. Bad breath (fish like smell) is sometimes a sign of liver problems.

The problem can be as simple as a need to start brushing or buying chew toys to avoid tartar and plaque buildup, but can also mean other things as well. Observe, pay attention, and report the problem to your doctor if things get worse.

It is really simple to brush your dogs teeth. Simply go to your local pet store and they will have many options for toothbrushes and dog tooth paste.

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Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy
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