A Parenting Tip on How to Make a Pleasant, Warm, and Productive Family


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This parenting tip was inspired by a book I read by Jay Abrams, the marketing guru. He wrote that a good strategy for success is to borrow successful practices from other industries and using them in your own. Like this, he wrote, you will always have an edge over your competitors who are only using one strategy for success. I therefore look in different, seemingly unrelated, fields to learn ways to be a better parent.

The following parenting tip I learnt from the business world and is called MBWA- Managing By Walking Around. This model of management contends that managers should mingle with their workers to hear their feedback, to see what their passions and fears are, and to give them good encouraging words. This makes for a pleasant, warm and productive workplace.

We parents need to do the same. If you take the time to notice and to learn what is going on in your children's world, to listen to their feedback, and to give encouraging words, you will make your house a pleasant, warm and productive place to live.

For instance, the other night my son got an IPod from a friend and expressed to one of his siblings (not to me) that he would like to change the language on it (he is not a native english speaker. ) The english on the Apple website is too hard for him to do it himself so he thought to wait for a friend to do it for him. This sibling told me about it and last night at about 11:00 I called him over and said to him, “Come let's try to change the language on the IPod!" You should have seen the smile on his face!

A few tips about how to do it:

* Try to find out in the most inconspicuous, low keyed, and unnoticeable way what is stressing and bothering your child.

*When you do find what is stressing or bothering them, inconspicuously, low key and unnoticeably help them out of that situation. When their conscious mind doesn't notice your help, their unconscious mind appreciates it.

*Praise them when they do something right. Besides praising them praise them to someone else (your mother, mother-in-law, or friend) when they are SUPPOSED to be not listening.

*Try to find out in the most inconspicuous, low keyed, and unnoticeable way what your child is excited about and surprise her by doing something about it. .

*What not to do:

*Don't interrogate your children: What's bothering you? What would you like to see in the house different? What is our favorite food? This makes the house tense and not pleasant.

*Don't hang around them all the time to see what they like/ don't like. They want their own space.

*Don't give your negative opinion too openly about what they are excited about.

Follow this parent tip and become a MBWA parent. You will soon see your house turn into a pleasant, warm, and productive place.

Shevach Pepper is the happy father of 12 children. Click to get a free copy of his helpful ebook Hello, I'm _ An inventory to make, preserve, and enhance relationships. To learn more about him; visit Shevach's biography .


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