How To Choose The Best Tiles For Your Bathroom

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If you're considering remodelling your bathroom or just trying to give it a new lease of life then you should look at using tiles as part of your plan. These tiles work well on the floor, walls and even in the shower. What's more they come in a dizzying variety of styles and designs so you'll have plenty to choose from and will definitely find something to match your bathroom decor plans. Ceramic tiles have been used in homes all over the world for centuries and offer an excellent way to add some texture and pattern to your bathroom.

Now we can have a look at the different types of ceramic tiles available on the market today. First off we have glazed ceramic tile which is better suited to bathroom walls and work surfaces or countertops. Why? Because this type of tile is very slippery when wet and is pretty much your last choice for a bathroom floor. The tile itself is made from clay and water and is then “fired" or baked to harden it. Once finished it's given a colored glaze which gives it a glossy finish - which is why it's so slippery when it gets wet.

The next type of tile is porcelain and this is made from a blend of fine-grain clays and other minerals creating a very moisture and stain-resistant product. Because of this porcelain tiles can take years of hardship whilst keeping their color and inherent beauty.

One of the really neat things about tiling your bathroom is that you get to experiment with vivid colors and unusual designs. You can toy with wall patterns and shapes to make your bathroom really striking. Consider using a solid background of tiles combined with brighter accent tiles. Or how about adding a few decorative tiles on a solid tile background such as in a classic floral or seascape or funky art mosaic to for a truly distinctive look on your bathroom walls?

Tiling the floor of your bathroom is usually the most time consuming part. This usually takes 2 - 3 days to complete from start to finish. A good tip when considering types of tiles for a bathroom floor is that tiles are evaluated for wear resistance on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). A PEI-1 or Light Traffic rating is recommended for areas such as bathrooms where shoes are not consistently worn. This is just a guideline that you can work from.

The best choices for your bathroom floor are granite, slate or sandstone in terms of finish and safety. They have a high slip tolerance so when they're wet they're far safer to walk on then say ceramic tiles. They also add a degree of “earthiness" to the room and make it feel that bit more “homely".

Some people worry that having tiles in the bathroom makes the room a little bit more cold - both literally and metaphorically. If this is a real concern for you then simply fit a tile warming system to keep the floor warm during those cold spells during the year. With no costly ductwork or plumbing requirements, this system's installation is normally quite straighforward.

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