Why Do You Get So Emotional During Preganancy?


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When you become pregnant, your may start to feel emotionally very different. One day, you be so happy and then the next day, feel totally terrified of bringing a child into the world and the huge responsibility of raising it. This could keep you up a few nights.

However, your fear of getting into something unfamiliar, is only one of several reasons why your emotions change. Your body will be adapting on a physical and chemical level, that you should find out about. By doing this bit of research, every stage of pregnancy will be easier.

The First Trimester

When you realize that you are going to have a baby, it is very exciting. But, due to the chemical changes, your body may make you feel anxious or very sad. Other times, you may sense absolute joy because you are going to be a mother.

The Second Trimester

Now, that you have been through three months of pregnancy, at this point, you will start to have more energy and get a sense of confidence about becoming a parent. Even though, your body is going through many chemical changes that cause you to be tired, in general, you will most likely feel pleased about having a baby.

The Third Trimester

Now, you are in the final 3 months of your pregnancy, you will going to see your doctor, or whoever is caring for you, more often, along with preparing the nursery or the place where your baby will sleep. You will also be adding on a lot of weight, feeling exhausted more frequently, and possibly lower back pain, other various symptoms.

These are normal adjustments of pregnancy that your body needs to make. They may leave you feeling a bit melancholy, even though, you are very happy about becoming a parent.

With all the intense emotions rushing to you, pregnancy can be a stressful experience. But, by finding out the key points ahead of time, you will have the information to fall back on and better capable to handle your emotions. You will also be helping to make sure you have a safer pregnancy.


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