Add Ambiance To Your Asian Style Bedroom With A Room Divider

Lee Dobbins

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If you want an intriguing decorating item to compliment your Asian style bedroom, then you ought to look at making use of a folding room divider. You can buy many different designs to compliment your room including rice paper dividers with a subtle floral or bamboo design, traditional scenes with geisha’s and brightly colored vibrant dividers to add color to your decorating scheme.

The many uses of room dividers make them an accessory that has a large impact. They are definitely decorative, but can also be practical to. One likely use of a folding room divider in your bedroom is to section off the space into separate areas like a sleeping area and a dressing area, or even to use it off to one side for changing behind. However, sectioning the space is not the only function that these unique pieces of furniture can serve as.

One method you might use to add appeal to your Asian style bedroom that will be able to easily cause a significant impact is to simply set the room divider flat against the wall. This idea is useful for apartment dwellers who would like a decorative room but don't want to paint the walls. If you want to place the divider this way, you have got to be sure it is firm so it does not fall down - either affix it to the wall or make a stand at the bottom. Another fun thing you can do with your divider in the bedroom is to slip it behind the bed and the wall as a unique headboard - there is a great round room divider that is perfect for this use.

For an intriguing look, try putting the divider folded on an angle in one of the corners of the space. This is often times found in numerous interior decorating magazines and works very well because it adds interest and drama to the corner of the room while providing decorative appeal to that area. You should fold the hinges of the room divider to be at a bit of an angle to look it's best in the corner of the room. The bonus is that it supplies you with space between the folding divider and the corner for surplus storage.

No matter how you display your own divider, it will look better if you put other items in front of it rather than using it as a blank piece by itself. Maybe using a chair and table or a potted plant will add style. To get the ideal interior design, you want to pick out a room divider that matches your interpretation of the Asian style. There are various terrific dividers including ones that are rich with black and gold painting, subtle with florals, and textured with carving and raised panels. Be certain to choose a folding divider that enhances the other decor in your Asian style bedroom.

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