Keeping A Pregnancy Journal


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With the world as busy as it is, keeping a pregnancy journal to some may be just one more thing to do, one more thing that has to be added to a list of “To Do's" that is already too long. But if you can find the time, a pregnancy journal is something fun to do, and later in life fun to share with the precious baby to be.

Believe it or not but in a few years you might forget about what it feels like to be pregnant. My son is 2 and I have already forgot the feeling of what is was like. At Babies R Us I saw a journal made especially for this purpose. I wish that I would have kept a journal, I think that it would have been fun to reread it and remember the most precious time in my life, Being Pregnant.

Nothing can beat becoming a mother, but it is an amazing experience to be pregnant, to have a precious life growing inside of you. That is after the morning sickness goes away. Am I right?

Write about things like morning sickness, the first time you felt your baby move, your doctor's visits, the first pictures of your baby, (the ultrasound). Other things like what you were doing, when right before going into labor. The first time that you realized that you were barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, you know that old saying. What TV shows you watched the most while pregnant. The feelings you have about being pregnant, your moodiness. That cramp you keep getting in your butt, bumping things with your huge pregnant stomach. Anything and everything about your pregnancy makes great content for your journal.

Looking back you will be so happy that you wrote all these feelings down. Also can you imagine 5 or 10 years down the road when your son or daughter asks where they came from. You will have your pregnancy journal to show them. It will be a special memory to share with your children. Also a great keepsake for your children when you are no longer here. Your words can last forever.

Remember to include the date and time it makes the journal so much better. If you like scrap booking you can do that too. Put pictures of the first ultrasound or pictures of what you looked like when you were pregnant. Any other little keepsakes you may have, your pregnancy test, or the box, any papers you may get at the doctor. Now a days you can keep a journal online as well. You also don't have to get a pregnancy journal at Babies R Us, you can just get a pretty journal, things like handwriting are important, and more personal then an online pregnancy journal.


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