The Night Time is the Right Time when Decorating


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When we decorate, we normally do it during the day, maybe with the drapes pulled open and the blinds up, and the beauty of natural sunlight floating through the windows. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this we must keep in mind that the most time spent in some rooms is at night. Take your bedroom for example, you’ve picked the perfect palette, arranged furnishings, and trimmed the room with accessories only to have the sun go down and ruin the ambience that you created during the day. What is the solution? Don’t forget the night and start with the light.

Be aware of what happens when you draw the curtains and turn on the lights. Be aware of the color changes you experience when you turn on overheads. Do the colors warm or lose their luster? Some light bulbs tend to give a yellowish hue to your rooms. One simple solution is to try different light bulbs. Varying the wattage, changing from clear to frosted or vice versa, or even changing to a different shaped bulb can do wonders to change any lighting situation. Next, be aware of your lamps. Some shade colors can cast a solemn hue on the brightest of colors. Also be aware that stained glass or opaque glassed shades will change a room’s characteristic drastically when the lights come on. If there is a problem, simply use the ideas above or move the lamps to a part of the room that works better. Better yet, use the light that a beautiful Tiffany style lamp for instance produces and match your palette to it.

Lastly, be aware of reflected light. Does your track lighting or picture lighting reflect on to other objects? Are the lights too strong and cast too big of a shadow on the walls? Try using lower wattage bulbs or adjusting the lights to adjust the shadows. Follow these simple tips to make your rooms as beautiful in the evening as they were when you decorated them in the day.

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Dealing with Phuket Night time Life Down Bangla Road
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