Repairing a Garage Door Remote


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Garage door remotes often give out and owners try to do repairs to the garage door, not realizing that the problem lies with the remote. For example, if the garage door seems to have a mind of its own and opens when you don’t want it open, you may have a problem with the contact strip inside the remote. This is easy to check because all you have to do is remove the back of the remote and look for the small narrow strip on the circuit board located just above the battery. If this strip is compressed and is pressing against the brass contact, then it is the remote that is causing the problem and you need to get a new one.

If you have your old remote, it is easy to find the replacement you need. Just bring it into the dealer to purchase the right one for your door. If you lose your remote and are unable to open the door, you do need to know that number in order to get wither the same model or a compatible on that will open the door for you. In order to get the correct remote, you have to do a bit of detective work on the main power head in the ceiling of the garage. When you locate the small antenna wire and follow it to the switches. You will probably have to remove the light bulb cover to find the switches, but you won’t have to remove the cover of the power head. When you get the frequency number of the rectangular box by tracing the antenna wire, you will then be able to get the remote control you need.

When you buy a remote control for your garage door opener, all the installation and code setting instructions are included. You do need to follow the instructions exactly in order for the remote to work. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the installation yourself, there are many technicians that are qualified to do the job for you.

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