The Role Of Physical Exercises For Pregnant Women


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Pregnancy is a natural process involving changes in the women's body and also in their behaviour and lifestyle. Even though pregnancy is not a disease, it requires a special attention. For instance, pregnant women should follow a healthy diet and not in the last place they should maintain their health and a nice body shape by doing physical exercises. In addition to this, exercises during pregnancy are a new discovery and many pregnant women tend to adopt it in order to keep a nice figure and also to have a healthy body. Specialists have discovered that exercises can make pregnant women to feel much better and comfortable with their body, they can help them to strengthen the muscles, manage the stress and also to maintain a balanced weight.

Moreover, by doing exercises during pregnancy, women not only maintain their weight and nice figure but also they can pass easier over the pregnancy symptoms having an important role in balancing the hormones, improving constipation, lessening morning nausea and also in preventing or managing gestational diabetes.

Furthermore, it is important to say that pregnant women should ask a medical advice before they start the exercises. So, the doctor can make sure that the exercises are safe for the mother and especially for the unborn baby. On the other hand some women have a complicated pregnancy and cannot perform physical exercises. Moreover, pregnant women who choose to make exercises should remember that they still have a special condition and they should start out slowly and don t overdo it.

Much more, there are a wide variety of exercises that can be quite useful and don't create discomfort or pain. Pregnant women have the chance to perform great activities at home together with their husbands or in special places where many pregnant women gather and do physical exercises supervised by a specialist. However, pregnant women should avoid contact sport and activities in which they may get hit in the tummy.

For instance, a common activity which pregnant women usually choose is aerobics, exercises that increase the heart rate and pump oxygen and nutrients thought the body. Other low impact activities are: walking, swimming, stationary cycling. Moreover, other examples of exercises are yoga and pilates which are useful for the physical and mental health and usually combine breathing, stretching and breathing techniques.

Another group of exercises are Kegels, a pregnancy exercises which are very easy to perform. In addition to this, Kegel exercises help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle which tend to loosen after giving birth.

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The Role Of Management Exercises
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