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You have two choices if you like the grand look of antique English fireplaces. First, you can attempt to find a true original and get it restored. Estate sales and antique shops are great places to start your hunt, or you can contact art décor collectors and restorers across the UK to try to find the perfect piece. On the other hand, and easier and often less expensive route is to have a fireplace manufactured for you in an original antique English style. Both result in a fantastic centerpiece of any family or living room.

Because of the dirt and danger associated with traditional fireplaces, it is becoming exceedingly popular to convert old style fireplaces into more efficient, clean, and safe heating units. You can do this with antique English fireplaces if you’d like. Instead of having antique English fireplaces that burn wood, coal, or peat in your home, consider switching to a natural gas or electric heating system. This is better for the environment as well, since antique English fireplaces create pollutants that are released into the air. You can find alternative systems that have a small lighted displace replicating a real fire, and many times, you can’t even tell the difference. Heat control is much easier this way, and you don’t have to worry about a child or pet getting burned by a real fire. If you have central heat, perhaps you do not need a heating unit in your fireplace at all—you can simply have a decorative fireplace that is solely for mood in the room, instead of serving a heating purpose.

When looking for antique English fireplaces, it is important to know what you want. A variety of styles are available to fit any need. You should look at the various parts of a fireplace to find out what you do and do not like. Parts of antique English fireplaces include the foundation, hearth, firebox, mantel, grate, overmantel, ashdump door, chimney crane, lintel and lintel bar, breast, smoke chamber, throat, chimney chase, cap, crown, damper, cleanout door, and spark arrestor. Think it sound tricky? It can be! If you are looking for original antique English fireplaces, it is best to work with an expert. Imitations are on the market to fool unsuspecting buyers into thinking that a fireplace made in 2000 is actually an antique English fireplace.

Depending on which era’s antique English fireplaces you like best, you can find fireplaces made from almost any material. Wood was common for very old antique English fireplaces, as well as stone. Moving toward modern day, ceramic tiles are more popular. When made of wood or stone, antique English fireplaces are usually ornately carved and have beautiful decorative pieces. Tiled antique English fireplaces are usually subtle colours and may include pretty hand painted tiles in traditional English designs. Because of the wide array of styles and prices available, you should be able to find a fireplace to meet all of your home’s needs.

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