Xeriscape and Hydroponic Gardening Save Water and Space


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You may be asking, “What is Xeriscape gardening?". Pronounced “zera-scape" gardening, it is simply a more efficient way to water your garden.

Though the word Xeriscape may seem unusual to some people, it is an easier and more adaptable way of gardening that is used in a wide variety of kinds of gardens. You will be able to plant and maintain your annuals, perennials, vegetables and trees using the most water-smart method possible, by following the basic principles of Xeriscape gardening.

Today, up to 25% of our water supply is being used for keeping lawns and gardens growing. With this in mind, it is getting more critical for those that love to garden, to find out how to plant smart, by considering the kind of soil you have, what kind of sun exposure your plants need, along with what your plants water requirements are.

Plants that use a lot of water can certainly, still be grown and enjoyed, by simply planting the heavy water users all together. Not only will this help save water, but will also help keep the plants that need less water thriving. This method is one of the keys to Xeriscape gardening.

It is also a good idea for you to get to know about the Hydroponic way of gardening, which does not use any soil.

One of the main differences of Hydroponic gardening, and benefits, is that the nutrients are put right into to root system of the plants, without needing to be fed more slowly through the soil.

The plants are then able to use less growth energy into sprouting the root system and have more energy left for producing leaves and fruit. Vegetable plants will have bigger and more vegetables, and leafy plants will produce larger and fuller foliage.

In addition, Hydroponic gardens do not need a large area of land or yard space. To grow large amounts of vegetables or foliage, you can simple use a balcony, deck or just an inside room.

Even though setting up a Hydroponic garden might cost more than starting a regular garden, it can give you a greater amount of healthy and delicious plants, which will more then cover your initial investment.


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