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Feng Shui Bedroom Design Guidelines


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Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is the ancient Chinese Art of arrangement and placement of things within certain principles in order to balance the energies of the environment for improved health, prosperity and good fortune.

The principles of Feng shui can be applied to every aspect of our daily life. If you are building your own home, Feng shui could be incorporated right from the initial stages beginning with the orientation of the house with regards to the property. Every tenet of Feng shui is based on some scientific belief, which if adhered to as much as possible could lead to a harmonious peaceful existence.

The bedroom is the most important part of the house. It is a place where we escape to at the end to the day. Our sanctum sanctorum that we run to, to de-stress and refresh. It should be peaceful and comforting and relaxing. Feng shui lays much emphasis on the placement and decorating of the bedroom. The location of the bedroom in the house is just as important as the contents of the bedroom.

According to the principles of Feng shui all the “restful” energy lies at the rear of the home, which makes it the perfect location for a bedroom. The bedroom should be connected to the rest of the house through only one door as this helps contain the restful energy within the bedroom and stops it from rushing out.

The bedroom should preferably not be built above the garage as it causes unrestfullness. To offset this, heavy solid objects should be placed on the floor or a mirror should hang on the garage ceiling in such a way that it deflects the image of the car away from the bedroom. If the bedroom is located below the kitchen, place a mirror on the bedroom ceiling, reflecting downward. This helps seal off the hustle and bustle emanating from the kitchen. The bedroom should be connected to the bathroom by a door, which should be kept closed at all times.

Since the bedroom is a place to rest and relax in, all negative energies should be removed from this room. You should not keep any electronic audio or video gadget such as a TV, computer or music system in the bedroom as these release energies that are conflicting and not restful. Mirrors are another thing that should be avoided in the bedroom. If you need to have one, make sure it is not in direct line with your bed. Mirrors are said to cause nightmares by reflecting your negative energy while you sleep. The same goes for all other reflecting surfaces such as computer screens or framed pictures and paintings.

The bedroom and all its furniture and accessories should be done up in pastel and muted colors, and you should indulge in soft satiny sheets and pillows as these induce a peaceful and restful atmosphere. Loud, bright colors are too energizing and could be kept for other rooms. The bedroom should be as clutter-free as possible so that CHI energy can flow freely and bestow you with its good vibrations.

Charles Chang is a Feng Shui enthusiast and author. He enjoys helping others with Feng Shui through his articles and website.


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